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Which Links Pass the Most Weight in Search Engines?

Link weight and link-flow are the most critical on page elements after you (1) map out which keywords you’re targeting (2) mirror the relevance hierarchy through the site architecture through the respective pillars (landing pages) and supporting articles and (3) initiate the citation process via internal linking and off page inbound links. However, before you […]

Why Most Landing Pages Fail

The saying you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make them drink is the equivalent of bringing a visitor to a landing page through paid search, banners, contextual advertising or SEO and then wondering why (if the website lacks trust, conviction or a call to action) that visitors fail to convert. While having […]

SEO Consulting: Live SEO Site Review

A good friend of mine John Barth from Adazon Labels asked me to take a look at his website to try and diagnose why his pages where not achieving a more prominent position in search engines. This brief overview allows you to look over my shoulder for an impromptu SEO consultation covering duplicate content, shingles […]

Optimizing Meta Titles and Descriptions

Despite our best predictions with SEO, you can never pin-point with accuracy which keywords from a title tag, meta description or combined occurrence of a keyword on a page search engines will use to return a relevant query. This is why it is imperative to promote as many relevant shingles as possible for returning a […]

Join us for the SEO Impact Webinar on June 18th 2009

We are adopting a new strategy at SEO Design Solutions. Starting tomorrow we will be integrating webinars into our information offering. We hope that doing so will provide a more entertaining, expedient way to grasp the concepts of Search Engine Optimization in a more comprehensive manner. The pilot-six part series, titled SEO IMPACT, is intended […]

Link Optimization and Creating Optimal Link Architecture

The value of creating optimal internal link architecture to define your preferred destination/landing pages to search engines is priceless for SEO. How you link to yourself from page to page matters, things such as the frequency of links, the total volume of links from which pages (strong, mediocre or barely indexed) and the proximity of […]

Are You Serious About SEO?

It is fair to say that SEO represents a gateway to new customers. Due to the sheer numbers involved, a large percent of whom are ready to purchase which can be easily discerned based on their mood, navigation path and keywords they use. Hence, if you fail to see the gravity of competition for each […]

Keyword Selection, Content and SEO

Selecting the right keywords is a crucial component of SEO. When keywords are wielded properly in alignment to the focal point of each page, the URL structure and internal and external link profile for a page, latent combinations of potential keywords are evoked at the mere inkling of a query. Essentially, any two words arranged […]

Keyword Thresholds: How to Find Your Pages Tipping Point

Finding the tipping point for your keywords through SEO is imperative. The tipping point is when a keyword overcomes a specific relevance threshold which then toggles buoyancy for your individual pages in the SERPs (search engine result pages). For instance, jumping from page 3 to page 1 for your main keyword is a prime example. […]

An Overview on SEO/SEM Consulting

Depending on the type of website, it’s niche or industry and the level of competition, each requires a distinct tact to be effective amidst the countless competitors who are all vying for the same goal. That goal is to acquire and defend top ranking positions for keywords and key phrases to funnel relevant traffic. With […]

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