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SEO Tips | SEO TechniquesSo, you have heard of SEO and want free traffic from search engines, but you don’t know where to start. Here are a few of the more uncommon SEO techniques you can use that get the job done.
Uncommon SEO Tips and Techniques - Part 1, by SEO Design Solutions.

Cultivate Content – The 90 Day Plan:

Being the source for your own best link (internal link quality) is something that most overlook. I often refer to this as the 90 day plan when targeting keywords that tread into new territory. In layman’s terms, many often think that if they write great content, that’s it and search engines will take notice. To answer that, yes they will, but that alone is not enough.

You must deep link to your own content to show similarities in continuity, this is called virtual theming whereby instead of getting to the nuts and bolts of site architecture, you simply use links to connect vast areas of the site (one relevant page to another). Wikipedia uses this strategy to optimal perfection and their rankings reflect the impact of internal links and deep links when combined.

Each time you add a word to your website or rather a new page you are changing the trajectory of your website. This also means that the ability to use that keyword in its co-occurrence is also an option to reinforce a holistic site theme that can qualify your pages for higher search engine positioning.

Theme dilution should be avoided, in other words, start with a plan in mind (the goal) then implement a series of milestones (topical articles or posts) to achieve it. Don’t just write about a topic loosely, commit 3-5 solid pages first (750-1500 words) let it get indexed then every few weeks revisit the topic.

Then after 90 days (just about enough time for each page to sprout page rank), you now have another authority web page to use for rankings that drive traffic back to the rest of your website.

If you need guidance to determine which page to internally link to when crafting your content, we have created a FREE SEO Tool for that purpose. Or, if you get sidetracked or are not sure which keywords to implement, use tracking and analytics to find spikes in traffic from the past, then research which keywords were responsible for funneling traffic to your pages during that time.

Chances are, with a few internal links built from within your site and a few external links linking to your pages, you can resuscitate keywords and spark new life into them to build on their foundation for additional rankings.

For example, if I wanted to rank for a competitive keyword the first thing to do is determine (a) how much competition there is for the phrase through keyword analysis and (b) how many pages, links and amount of trust will it take to accomplish it.

Off the record, most competitive keywords can take up to a year (for one word or competitive two word key phrases), however depending on the landscape, the time-line can change (which is typically shorter). It all depends on the amount of trust and authority your website has, without which going after competitive terms is not an option, just a pipe-dream.

Then after settling on a keyword I would look for low hanging fruit (variations of the keyword that incorporate additional phrases or modifiers such as GEO specific modifiers or secondary / synonyms based on phrases that bear similar meaning.

The reason for this becomes apparent over time, however if you fail to plan of implement a game plan based on a blueprint, then it becomes difficult to measure or manage each stage. Next I would ensure that I have a content management system capable of adhering to principles of SEO.

Having to SEO each page can be replaced by optimizing a theme such as the SEO basics WordPress Theme, so that with a few tweaks, each page you create is already in line optimal on-page factors known for producing results.

The idea is, instead of looking past your own website, your pages are the perfect authority once cultivated properly. Websites that layer their content (based on a systemic series of root phrases) encourage keyword stemming when external links are introduced to the mix.

That concludes our first uncommon SEO Tip, each day this week we are covering a new and more advanced tactic each time. So, make sure to subscribe to the SEO Design Solutions RSS feed, if you haven’t already to catch the rest of these diamonds in the ruff that can polish your websites search engine positioning. 

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    Hola amigo.

    still not sure why you’re so determined to help the masses who can’t be bothered to read your posts and learn :) ..but of course this is going to be huge, so I’ll console myself with the fact that I was the first to link to it from our tools page, and possibly even the first to stumble it..

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    I agree, it does seem quite odd, however, they always say you should lead by example as far as idioms go, and this is the premise of why we give away so many insights.

    It really is the tip of the iceberg in essence, many of the real SEO strategies require time and trust to mature properly, but the basic are THE most important ingredient.

    The things people look at now, were set in motion months ago, likewise, if that is our only point, do things now to rank for the future, SEO is more about insurance than fixing what is broken.

    All the best Kev and I will be in touch on other matters soon…Jeffrey

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