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This posts highlights the SEO technique of leveraging your websites inherent domain authority by (1) minimizing hops within the website by keeping site architecture flat (2) capping outbound links on internal pages through using javascript navigation and optimizing on page contextual links and (3) using 301 redirects for SEO to recycle link-flow to new landing pages.

3 SEO Tips for On Page SEO

While these three concepts are not new, today’s SEO tip focuses on how effective these methods are when combined. Here is an excerpt from the original…

Capping Outbound Links – on each page, the ability to diffuse the equity on that page increases based on the amount of links leaving that page. The key to creating buoyancy is in the ability to selectively funnel link flow by limited the areas which could “leak”.

This means that variables should be minimized or exemplified through your template design (using different templates for different facets), which links are critical (for search engine spiders and humans) are both weighed appropriately and comprise the primary structure for your tier 1 (money pages).

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