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Beta Testers Wanted for SEO Ultimate 7.6.2

Great news! As you know (due to the silence on the blog) we’ve had our heads down coding, but we haven’t forgotten about SEO Ultimate and have a new release (SEO Ultimate 7.6.2) that we need your help testing before we push it live. Two major things are happening this week. 1) We find a […]

Internal Link Structures Still Matter

When it comes to SEO and search engines, the cache is king. One of the most simple metrics of measuring the wealth and authority of a web property is how many pages are indexed and whether or not preferred landing pages are established. However, before visitors can arrive, search engines need to find, spider, index […]

The Google EMD Update: Don’t Let Bad Search Happen to You!

If you’re a webmaster and have been impacted (penalized, lost traffic or have been caught in an algorithmic filter) from Google, the conclusion is obvious that Google isn’t trying to win a popularity contests with their user base lately. First, it was the dawn of the web shattering Panda update (a content classifier designed to […]

Google’s Greatest Fear

With millions of business owners, webmasters and affiliates spending thousands of dollars on SEO and countless hours spent optimizing their websites (only to have Gogle organic search results shaken up or completely whisked away due to vaccilating shifts from new algorithm changes) is genuinely creating feelings of anger, frustration and disdain. As if running a […]

Where Is The SEO Backlink Sweet Spot?

Is there such a thing in SEO as the off-page inbound link sweet spot? Meaning, finding the tipping-point for inbound links per URL, per keyword… Based on our heuristic testing, absolutely!  Just like wine, links get stronger with age – if they are supported by (a) sufficient internal links within the site linking out or […]

Is SEO a Moving Target?

Is SEO a moving target or are you simply shooting blanks in the dark? It’s no surprise that for those of you trying to get your site ranked that you’ve discovered that SEO is “subject to change” and often on a daily or weekly basis. From Florida updates to Panda maulings, despite the ups and […]

The Three P’s of SEO Conquest!

Rome was not built in a day, nor was a dominant search engine ranking for a competitive keyword either. Feats of valor and substance require the proper tact and follow through, which lead to the next point. In order to conquer competitors and reach the top 10 results, you need to understand the 3 P’s […]

How to Get Dropped Rankings Back!

Today’s topic covers 10 time-tested tips to recover from rankings that have dropped in search engines. Dealing with vacillations in the SERPs (search engine result pages) resulting in page churn or displaced rankings is extremely frustrating. One day you have traffic, visitors and conversions from your most cherished ranking, then for reasons unbeknownst to you, […]

SEO & Natural Language Discrimination By Semantic Analysis

As smart as Google is, their search engine uses an algorithm based on natural language and the relationships or connectivity of semantic occurrences (otherwise known as shingles, i.e. groups of words or phrases) to ascertain context. These semblances, e.g. relationships are the fabric of relevance and intent and represent the convergence of allowing search engines […]

Moving Past the Google Panda Update!

In an Ode to Google Panda – “the most recent” update, overhaul, tweak, change, revision or any other verb you elect to describe this document classifier phenomenon, the fact remains the same that after 14 years of watching search engines, “change is imminent in search engines”, regardless of what or how you name it. Let’s […]

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