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Great news!

As you know (due to the silence on the blog) we’ve had our heads down coding, but we haven’t forgotten about SEO Ultimate and have a new release (SEO Ultimate 7.6.2) that we need your help testing before we push it live.

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Two major things are happening this week. 1) We find a select group of beta testers (hint, hint) and 2) the launch of our SEO Design Framework. After what feels like countless hours in development, finally we’re ready to share a truly phenomenal tool for WordPress users.

Every good software company knows that gaining critical feedback before is essential instead of rushing to market and having to fix something major after it’s live. This is why we want a few of you to put it through the paces.

Also, to drop a hint about our new framework (screen caps below), we took the best of SEO, the best of Drag and Drop design and sprinkled in a little website silo architecture to create a truly formidable program capable of sculpting limitless themes with ease. If you like SEO Ultimate, then you’re going to love the SEO Design Framework.

SEO Ultimate 7.6.2. has additional Twitter Card Functionality

SEO Ultimate 7.6.2. has additional Twitter Card Functionality

SEO Design Framework Silo Builder

SEO Design Framework Silo Builder Module

Create Complex Designs with Ease with the SDF Page Builder

Create Complex Designs with Ease with the SDF Drag and Drop Page Builder

Tools are only useful if they can be implemented with ease. So, we paid particular attention to the user-interface and built a truly intuitive and intrinsic dashboard. Then, took it a step further with asynchronous global and local page level controls (that allow you to create completely unique designs on a page-by-page basis).

First configure Global Settings, then tweak elements on / off on the page level settings

First configure Global Settings, then tweak elements on / off on the page level settings

Create unique headers, layout, widgets, custom navigation and more on a page by page basis

Create unique headers, layout, widgets, custom navigation and more on a page by page basis

We’ll make the announcement shortly when we open the gates, but we truly look forward to sharing this with you all very soon.

In the meantime… A select group will also get to test the new features of the SEO Design Framework, so, fill out the form and throw your name in the hat.

If your selected, we’ll be in touch with the details.

Talk soon.


In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

11 thoughts on “Beta Testers Wanted for SEO Ultimate 7.6.2
  1. JoomlaCandy says:

    I just noticed a rather serious bug on the current version. In the Meta Robot Tags Editor > Pages, if you have many pages so that the list of pages will be on more than one page, the Noindex changes that you make on the page 1-list of pages, dissappear when you save changes on page 2 of pages. Hope you understand what I mean.
    I wanted to use this tool on a site with many, many pages with duplicate content. So while I am rewriting pages into unique content, I want to mark the others Noindex. But Meta Robot Tags Editor could not be used for that. I had to edit every single page to make them Noindex.
    Hope you find the bug. Thanks for a great plugin!

  2. I did apply to the beta. But beyond the testing and bug detecting (if any) will you all be looking for suggestions?

    Besides all the other thing I said in the beta invite I’m good at making suggestion and depending on how the beta works I may be able to provide them as well.

  3. @Patrick:

    Absolutely, we would be delighted to hear your suggestions as well. You’re in, so, will send email tomorrow with details.

  4. Thanks Jeff. Looking forward to seeing this puppy in action.

  5. Hi Patrick:

    Sending links today, Aweber was hacked yesterday (DDos attack), so, people could not use the form, nor could we log in and access the data ;( , but, they are back online now.

  6. Jarrett Graham says:

    This is just what I need for starting on a new project for a friend. She has an e-commerce site that frankly isn’t working. This will be my first serious shot at creating a truly siloed website. I look forward to becoming one of your beta testers.

  7. Was looking at maybe becoming a beta tester but I am looking for more information on how this product can benefit me.

  8. New version is live in WordPress repository or by going to Plugins > add new > Type in SEO or SEO Ultimate and download is in top 3. Thanks,


  9. Marco says:

    Title tag rewriter and seo in the article page are disappered after update to 7.6.2
    How Can I fix?

  10. We have fixed in latest version (please update) getting ready to post about it now.

    All the best,


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