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Here is a sneak peak of the recent collaboration with Themezoom / DWS. Although I briefly hinted at the projects we have percolating in the labs, Russell Wright was courteous enough to record and share this video as Matt Da Cruz and I were discussing some of the new market defining SEO features and functions DWS 3.0 will integrate.

More to come. Stay tuned for SEO tips, tactics, tools and techniques from the SEO Design Solutions team. 

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12 thoughts on “New SEO Tools in Progress
  1. vector says:

    thanks for the fresh sneak peak

  2. Seriously – these SEO tools will change the way we think, structure and perform SEO.

    When hundreds of hours work can be done in one hour, you have more time, less mistakes and you can scale like never before.

    It’s in development now, can’t wait till the suite is done…

  3. hugh says:

    Any idea when Web Studio 3 will be released?

    The audio was inaudible on my machine!

  4. @Hugh:

    Could be sooner, but it should be about 2 months with an anticipated update to 2.6 in approximately one month. Get in now if you haven’t as prices (based on user level) will invariably shift when it’s rolled out.

  5. Great video with Matt. Glad to see his vision of 3.0 moving forward.

    Jeffrey drop me a line I’d like to run a few things by you.

  6. Lior says:

    Jeffrey you rock!

  7. Thanks Lior… Still waiting for some more SEO posts from you…

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