Google Toolbar PageRank Update October 2009

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Google officially updated the TPBR Page Rank last night. For those in the SEO community, the significance is met with mixed emotions ranging from dismissive to celebratory. Although page rank is not a signifier of genuine authority, it can aid in passing on other notable attributes, such as trust and / or increased crawl rates Read More

The SEO Darth Vaders of the Dark Site vs. Derek Powazek

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Last week Derek Powazek ruffled a few feathers in the SEO industry with a rant, and as much as I would have like to roast on Derek, I chose to pass on sensationalizing the topic by giving it any regard on the SEO Design Solutions Blog. The SEO Darth Vader's of the Dark Side Vs. Read More

What is SEO, Seriously?

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It’s no secret that as of late SEO has gained recognition amongst the masses, some good some bad, but despite the rants, opinions or perspectives that either praise or denounce its worth, search engine optimization is predicated on more than just making pages rank higher in search engines. What is SEO… Seriously? There is a Read More

Web Site Marketing or Website Marketing – Optimizing Multiple Keywords

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What is the best SEO method to target new keywords for new rankings? Is it better to try and make one page rank for multiple keywords or is a unique page in order for each keyword variation? In this instance we are using the keywords Web Site Marketing and Website Marketing as an example. SEO Read More

SEO Cause and Effect: Who is Pulling the Strings?

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When your SEO tactic hits a brick wall and you see other sites casually occupying positions above yours with ease; instead of getting flustered, simply delve deeper into the root causes behind the guise and not just react to the effects of a well orchestrated plan. By determining which optimization method is pulling the strings Read More

Let SEO Grow!

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One of the largest setbacks during the SEO process can be from webmasters or owners inadvertently making changes to a newly optimized website or overwriting changes once they have been completed. Let SEO Grow There is a process which each site must undergo to gain authoritative ranking power; like the evolution of a caterpillar when Read More

Using .htaccess for 301 Redirects, SEO and More

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First, the question; why is eliminating duplicate content important to SEO? The answer is predicated on the conditions that are promoted if duplicate content is allowed in place of a consolidated preference. This tutorial discusses what the function of the .htaccess file and ways you can harness it for the purpose of search engine optimization. Read More

How to Create A Plan B for SEO Rankings

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Does your website have a plan B for SEO rankings? Specifically, does each landing page and its corresponding keywords have a best case alternative or worst case alternative in the event that (a) a page loses relevance (b) incurs a penalty (c) the supporting on page and off page algorithms or ranking factors change or Read More

The SEO Agenda

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Your competition doesn’t care “if you feel good today”, “if you your profit margins are eroding” or “if your advertising budget is thinning out”. Hey, you look tired, why don't you relax? Your competition doesn’t care if you don’t feel like building links, adding fresh content or aging your domain with trust. The only thing Read More

Duplicate Content and SEO

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With SEO, sometimes you hear about duplicate content and duplicate content issues.  These “issues” are real and unless corrected, it is like splitting hairs and losing a large percentage of your potential SEO ranking factor within a website. How To Avoid Duplicate Content What are some of the types of duplicate content? And what can Read More

Overcoming the SEO Barrier to Entry

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Websites that are adept in SEO have inherent self defense in search engines. Call it the grandfather effect, topical relevance, term frequency, link popularity, authority or whatever you like, but challenging a contender for a competitive keyword is not to be taken lightly. Grasshopper, Be Careful Who You Challenge! After hearing “how long will it Read More

Managing Keyword Popularity and Conversion

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One of the prerequisites of SEO, is to think holistically and not just measure data points or draw conclusions based on  linear perspective alone. Managing Keyword Popularity SEO is multidimensional and keywords are the currency of conversion and intent. Managing your websites keyword popularity is a full time responsibility as rankings vacillate daily in search Read More