How to Jump Start a Stalled SEO Campaign

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If you’re a practitioner of SEO or are simply searching for SEO services, then you should know that consistency is the secret weapon of choice for overcoming competitors for keywords in competitive markets. How to Jump Start a Stalled SEO Campaign! I’m sure it’s not the first time that someone, somewhere dropped the ball on Read More

Motivated Buyers, SEO and Intent

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Search engine optimization (SEO) revolves around keywords, intent and search behavior. Keywords and Contextual Modifiers Motivated Buyers Use Through understanding motivated buyers, contextual keyword modifiers and search query intent, you can bridge the gap of utility and position your pages for mass consumption through tactful conversion copywriting.

SEO Tips to Optimize a New Website

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What are the most critical SEO modifications to implement during the preliminary phases of optimizing a new website? Sitemaps and site architecture, links, naming conventions or D) all of the above? SEO Tips To Optimize a New Website Although a great deal depends on how many pages you have to work with, how old the Read More

Why SEO Link and IP Diversity Matter

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Search engines have savvy algorithms programmed to parse millions of documents, links, apply weighting measurements to assess relevance, content popularity, trust and dozens of other holistic metrics in an instant. As a result, they can determine which pages are characteristic of content in demand or documents with spikes in user engagement. Just like a clique Read More

SEO Principles and the Wisdom of Applied SEO Tactics

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Often you hear people say, “if I only knew then what I know now”, and how things would be different if I could have applied the pearls of wisdom from the start, instead of just random knowledge. Similarly in SEO there is a frequent disconnect between SEO techniques, tactic, strategies and the reason for implementing Read More

How SEO Works

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Search Engine Optimization also known as the acronym SEO, is a collection of tactics unified for a common goal. How Does SEO Work? That goal is to streamline inconsistencies within a website from the page level that obstruct those pages from being considered relevant or authoritative for specific keywords in search engines.

Do You Earn, Buy, or Sell Traffic?

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The battle between contextual editorial traffic and blatant sponsored or promotional content is a struggle of polarities between businesses and search engines. The question is, do you buy, earn or sell traffic? (meaning buy or sell links, content or advertisements) and why? Do You Buy, Sell or Earn Website Traffic? It depends on your monetization Read More

SEO: Search & Information Retrieval

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Online, there is always someone searching for something; learning how to position your content, site architecture and landing pages in search engines is the premise of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is built on the foundation of information architecture and information retrieval.  As an SEO practitioner, you can gain immense insight for optimization from speaking their Read More

Guaranteed SEO Rankings?

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You hear the term “guaranteed” and Guaranteed SEO Rankings being thrown around as a marketing ploy to bait new business. There is nothing wrong with guaranteeing your work; but the only real guarantee in SEO is that “if” you “do the right thing”, that search engines will crawl, access and grade your content and create Read More

Keyword Performance: Clickthroughs and Common Sense

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Let’s face it, keywords only matter for SEO or PPC, if people actually click them. What occurs next after the post-click is equally as important to make sure they take the necessary action. That means keywords, click throughs and common sense must have synergy in order to increase conversion and not just traffic. Keywords, Clickthroughs Read More

Internet Marketing or SEO?

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For those unfamiliar with SEO, it is an acronym for search engine optimization; SEO roughly translates as a systemic method to achieve higher rankings in search engines for specific pages that correspond to specific keywords. SEO is a facet of internet marketing used to deliver visitors through an opt-in mechanism. By searchers merely “executing a Read More

Defending “Competitive Blind Spots” with Keyword Research

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Anyone who tells you that using SEO or producing first page search engine rankings “does not matter“ in today’s hyper-competitive online agenda, isn’t completely aware of just how much each keyword represents as a unique opportunity to reach more customers or more specifically “your ideal customer”, first. Keyword Research, SEO and Competitor Analysis First Come, Read More