Will Google Caffeine “Jolt” The SEO Community?

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What may have seemed like a blatant attempt to pull a PR stunt on Starbucks with a code name “caffeine” inside the GooglePlex, is now poised to stir up the search engine result pages and the web as we know it. Many natural search/organic SEO firms and online moguls could potentially have the daunting task Read More

Create Self-Sufficient SEO

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What started as a topical SEO post on how your website should build it’s own links evolved into a white paper on search engine optimization strategies and optimization tactics. Keep in mind that each piece of the puzzle works in tandem with the next, so the order is irrelevant for context as each facet contains Read More

Is SEO about Rankings or Authority?

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How many of you thought that SEO was about ranking for keywords? Did you raise your hand? If so, you are not alone. Before you balk at this statement, reserve judgment  and read into the meaning a bit further. Does SEO Transcend Rankings? In essence, yes, keywords are important, but SEO is about exposure and Read More

SEO and Marketing Techniques

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Balancing the fine line between natural /progressive online marketing techniques, SEO and over optimization are real concerns for businesses pushing the envelope of relevance. SEO and Marketing Techniques: Too much or not enough? On one hand, there is competition with varying degrees of concern for risk vs. reward. On the other, if your website approaches Read More

Context is Currency: Keywords and Sales Conversion

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) entail bridging the gap of relevance that connect supply and demand, provider and user or any other type of dualistic cyclical transaction which is co-dependent by design for dynamic sustenance. Context is currency for Increasing Sales Conversions When applying this rule to search engines, keywords are Read More

Using SEO for New Business Development

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New business is the corner-stone of any revenue model; with that in mind getting new visitors to your website is paramount as a prime directive for marketing and new business development. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for New Business Development Although SEO is one of the most cost-effective means to deliver traffic to a website, Read More

How to Choose an SEO Company

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Choosing an SEO company is not an easy task, which is why we have put together 10 criteria you can use to assess performance and other key metrics. How to Chose an SEO Company With so many types of services available, you need to ensure that your website is being managed by a specialist not Read More

Affiliate SEO: Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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The stronger the correlation and continuity for elevating specific pages in your website for specific keywords using SEO, the more keyword stemming can occur to deliver a broader array of traffic to your website. Affiliate SEO Programs: Starting a Niche Site This is particularly favorable if you are an affiliate marketer looking for a way Read More

Keeping SEO Simple

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There is nothing like keeping SEO simple to bring things back into a proper perspective.  The K.I.S.S. model of keeping it simple with“well you know the rest” is one point that often remains elusive for so many genuine people interested in SEO (from the outside looking in), that a post devoid of all jargon was Read More

Landing Pages: The Value of Propositions

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During the several hours of perusing the internet each day, I come across many value propositions. Like most web surfers, I can’t help but try my luck at winning a “free Ipod Nano” by shooting down a duck or bowling a strike. And while I know that there is no reasonable chance of winning such Read More

SEO for Large Websites Part III

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In SEO for Large Websites Part I & Part II, we discussed the importance of starting with a goal in mind and tying it to competitive keyword thresholds, an overview on keyword research & selection, the value of establishing preferred landing pages and the last topic covered was how to reinforce keyword categories using an Read More

SEO for Large Websites Part II

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In our first blog post of this 3 part series named SEO for Large Websites Part I, we touched on the importance of defining ranking objectives (from the onset) to allow the theme to resonate with continuity and planting the seeds of relevance that will eventually becomes pillars of stability for eventual rankings. SEO for Read More