Create Traffic or Optimize Existing Traffic?

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There comes a point when you cross a particular threshold where the conditional aspects of continuity suggest alternatives, specifically in contention to SEO and conversion. Logic suggests that we need SEO to drive traffic, just as we need traffic to increase sales; however without factoring the common denominator (which in this case is conversion) the Read More

SEO is the Vanquisher

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With credit markets bare and consumer confidence at an all time low, it is imperative to use capital resources surgically to continue through the prevailing downturn -The focus here is to optimize your marketing budget. SEO is the Vanquisher Conversion is Good, But at what Price? All marketing efforts increase exposure, and thus the opportunity Read More

On Page SEO at The Roots of Relevance

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On page SEO essentially represents the root of relevance when it comes to search engine optimization and is where the staging grounds of shingle analysis and contextual relevance are optimized. After the on page SEO is done, then after getting crawled and indexed you can get the feedback and popularity mechanism of off page links Read More

Do You Panic When SEO Rankings Drop?

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If you answered yes to this question, then you are not alone. In fact, may businesses who rely on organic SEO (natural search engine traffic), constantly obsess about their SERP (search engine result page) positions. Not only are in many cases the SEO rankings the livelihood of their business, but acquiring a top ranking position Read More

SEO Rankings and SEO Ranking Factors

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Websites do not rank themselves, right? or do they? Or are rankings a by-product of on page SEO and off page citation from other sites with authority? Today we will like to discuss SEO rankings and the SEO ranking factors that produce them. Every site has a beginning and where it is today is a Read More

SEO, RSS and The Power of Syndication

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Aside from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which delivers a different type of traffic, RSS feeds (RSS stands for really simple syndication) have the ability to broadcast your message very similar to a press release to attract a broader array of prospects to peruse your content, products or services. SEO, RSS Feeds for News and Syndication Read More

Google, Bing and SEO: Which Will Prevail?

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In case you haven’t noticed, search results have been in a state of flux for the past week for competitive keywords in Google. For many SEO’s its back to the drawing board as SEO results are being challenged by personalization, GEO targeting and unexpected anomalies as Google essentially split tests the SERP (search engine result Read More

8 SEO Ranking Factors

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The following bullet points are a consolidation of a few of the Top SEO Ranking Factors that authority sites use to dominate search engine results daily. 8 Factors for SEO Rankings Understanding Internal Link Anchor Text Preference Determining Competition and Thresholds for Market Saturation The Application of Deep Links and Internal Link Optimization Accessibility and Read More

SEO and The Search Engine Shuffle

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about ranking your pages in the highest possible position in the search engine result pages. Do Your Pages Suffer from the Search Engine Shuffle? The great thing about search engine positioning is, a higher position (from multiple keywords) translates into enhanced exposure and free organic traffic for your website. Read More

Are Your Landing Pages Optimized with First Rank Priority?

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You have heard of first link priority right? I prefer the take of Andy Beard on this one…which is test it first and then test it again and again, but what about first rank priority? Do Your Landing Pages Have First Rank Priority? First rank priority is when you can use SEO and internal link Read More

SEO and (SERP) Traffic is Only One Type of Traffic

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For those involved in internet marketing, the need to be aware that the vast umbrella of relevance and the medium of user engagement is constantly expanding and SERP traffic (search engine result page) traffic is just one layer of the user experience. In other words SEO is only SEO…and you will need more than just one Read More

SEO or Conversion Optimization?

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What’s the point of having a website if you don’t have traffic? Sure, SEO can attract visitors but what good is that in the long-run if that traffic does not convert? SEO or Conversion Optimization? Branding and exposure is one thing, but track-able conversion is what impacts the bottom line. In order to make sure Read More