SEO Strategy

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Having a solid SEO strategy is crucial for developing an online property. The premise of positioning is based on securing attention share via keyword positioning and organic search engine placement. Like a great game of chess, your each page in your entire site must work together in order to secure a strong foothold for your Read More

New Changes on the SEO Horizon

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The thing about SEO that remains the same is its always changing. In the past few weeks I have noted everything from local search results popping up without adding and local keyword modifiers (which imply GEO targeted IP mapping), site wide links in normal SERP results under specific listings, tag pages from authority sites skewing Read More

Keywords, SEO and the Tipping Point

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is all about understanding the subtle balance and nuances of action and reaction, cause and effect to successfully manage the tipping point for hundreds of keywords that deliver visitors to your website. Understanding the tipping point implies: How many pages are needed? How many links does it take to acquire, support Read More

Fundamental SEO Ranking Factors

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One fundamental tactic that aids the SEO ranking factor of a website is to create hierarchical structures that allow you to (a) categorize information in a way that it is easier for searchers as well as (b) aid in the process of indexing for search engines. Search engines use an array of metrics to assess Read More

We Know, It’s Not Just About SEO

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Just like a healthy diet, having a balanced array if nutritional variety serves the overall goal (which is to create holistic health for all functions of the body). Much in the same way, SEO is a great supplement in addition to off line promotion or traditional marketing mediums. SEO is often misunderstood by the masses; Read More

Theme Density – The Ultimate SEO Ranking Factor

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Even though theme density is not a well known term in search engine optimization, many will come to know this as SEO evolves. The root of this SEO model is based on semantic relationships, co-occurrence of synonyms, polynyms and thematic modifiers. The end result, multiple top 5 and top 10 rankings for broad match and Read More

Consumers Surf with Purpose

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While the fond memories of yesteryear may have revealed a less savvy online surfer, times have changed and now consumers surf with purpose. Today’s online SEO ripples are tomorrows big waves and having the vision, market intelligence, raw talent and budget are a necessity for profiting in a competitive vertical or online landscape. Metrics such Read More

How to Transfer On Page Authority

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There are many ranking factors, but when it comes to SEO, certain on page changes are more significant than others. For example, with the lingering impression of legacy content, links, and the search engine / cloud computing bin (the cumulative summary of each page in a website since it was first indexed) certain benchmarks are Read More

The Future of SEO

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Since you can’t peek at your competitors analytics to glean a distinct competitive advantage, you never really know how many ambient rankings they currently enjoy. The thing to consider about SEO is, over 30% of search queries are unique (which means that even search engines have never seen them). So, although it may be easy Read More

Search Positioning

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Search positioning is founded on the premise of acquiring prime visibility through search engine rankings “above the fold” where viewers can encounter your ranking “without scrolling” to find it. Regardless of whether that search position is from SEO or PPC, search positioning is imperative for reaching your target audience and engaging end users. The extent Read More

SEO Checklist

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have an SEO checklist for conducting a brief sweep of your website to see if it is firing on all cylinders? Having a few choice metrics to conduct a heuristic evaluation is a great way to assess the SEO process to determine if your website is fine-tuned for search engines Read More

SEO Optimized: Is Your Website Optimized?

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Keeping page titles on topic and URLs strings focused is one way to increase search engine relevance for SEO and keeping your pages SEO optimized, but what are some other useful metrics that one can use to set their site in a category of its own when it comes to scaling the SERPs? (search engine Read More