Google Optimization: Using Search Operators

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The underlying premise of SEO suggests that you understand the task at hand when it comes to outranking the other 999 entrants for any given keyword. Google stops indexing a particular keyword after 1000 results when assessing the aggregate relevance score to determine which results are spawned. By truly understanding this, you can discover a Read More

SEO Positioning

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Lets face it, SEO Positioning is important. The top 3 results on any given search represent 80% of the traffic funneling to those pages. Call it convenience by association, laziness or just the fact that pages ranked at the top equate to a higher degree of editorial trust in the minds of consumers. In any Read More

SEO Cost, The Price You Pay Matters!

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Prospects and clients alike often wonder, is there a way to reduce SEO costs? In this industry, you get what you pay for, optimization requires multiple layers of synchronized actions to facilitate the desired effect. SEO is not just about mechanical steps, it requires time, strategy and execution to steer the reigns of progress (or Read More

Gaining Attention/Market Share through Value Based Conversion

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In an attempt to corner “the attention market”, utilizing competitive market intelligence in tandem with practical investigation one can increase the trajectory of happenstance to funnel traffic and engagement to your pages. Search behavior is a by-product of impulse, conceptualization and taxonomy. Which means SEO should embrace various attention silos to funnel visitors to a Read More

SEO Requires Planning and Patience

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about layering processes over time. Often we receive calls from prospects who (a) want to rank for the most competitive keywords and (b) do not have a website (c) have a website that has virtually no content or (d) just a handful of links. Aside from the fact that Read More

Sure, SEO Delivers Traffic, But What Happens When They Get There?

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So now that you have visitors, what’s next? Granted, SEO is about driving traffic, but what happens when your SEO has fulfilled its purpose and that traffic arrives? They say that getting there is half the battle, much in the same way, getting traffic to your website or blog is only the beginning of the Read More

SEO and the Volatility of Search Results

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Just wanted to propose food for thought in regard to organic search engine optimization. We talked about keeping SEO natural in the past and how frequency of changes over time impact SEO and website position. How volatile is disrupting trust when it comes to a website, and is it possible to make too many changes Read More

SEO and Adaptation

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In the past we discussed SEO principals like legacy pages and the IR repository, how to funnel link weight and sculpt on page factors, internal links, deep links, trust rank and domain authority, keyword prominence and relevance, topical continuity, theming and siloing and more, but one thing remains the same…the fact that search engine algorithms Read More

Keyword Relevance and SEO

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Is it better to focus on keywords or on market share instead? If your website has a dominant market position, the keywords visitors use to find your website are irrelevant. The fact is, with a dominant site, it would be harder not to have your pages appear anytime a relevant search was executed. At SEO Read More

SEO and the Cycles of Optimization

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With SEO, being faster is not always better. When you are targeting competitive keywords, slow and steady wins the race. Just as what goes up must come down, understanding the dips, peaks and valleys of search engine algorithms and how they impact the search engine result pages is a work in progress. You’ve heard of Read More

SEO and The Fresh Link / Content Factor!

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Instead of trying to rank with stale content, think of what type of assets you could add to your site (using SEO) to make it more appealing to readers and search engines alike. Since search engines pay attention to the fresh link and fresh content factor, make sure to (1) create or reinforce your topical Read More

SEO and Internal Linking

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Today I would like to discuss an extremely valuable SEO technique called virtual theming. This process will allow you to shift the way your site ranks for specific keywords. It is better to build it right the first time, than have to go back to fix it. However since most sites are already built, you Read More