SEO = Equals The Power of Choice!

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Have you ever seen one page in your website that is just plain greedy when it comes to keywords and search engine rankings? It’s not uncommon for most sites to have one page that punches a hole in the SERPs (search engine result pages) just because it can, but what if another page is better Read More

Using SEO to GEO Target Local Keywords

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Do you GEO target keywords for your online audience? One of the great things about SEO is that you can Geo Target specific markets for maximum market saturation. Let’s discuss how… With so many ways to appeal to a specific audience, if you have a national presence for a particular keyword or market, you can Read More

Does Changing My Website Frequently Impact SEO?

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Link discovery time and deep crawl rates immensely effect SEO. Just because you make changes to your pages does not ensure that those changes are acknowledged by search engine spiders. Does Updating My Site, Impact SEO? Since your data exists in a cloud (across multiple servers) referencing vast pools of data. One change to any Read More

Google Optimization: Why SEO Rankings Matter!

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Why does the headline on a newspaper have the most compelling caption? Why does it reside at the helm of the page screaming boldly to make a point? Because positioning is important and what better place to equate greatness than at the top of our visual periphery? Similarly, Google Optimization and SEO rankings above the Read More

The Purpose of SEO Marketing

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Let’s be clear, the purpose of SEO marketing is to spread the word, that’s it. However which word or which message is entirely up to you. The key to a successful SEO campaign is timing, relevance and appeal. Are you considering using search engine optimization for the first time? Instead of putting the cart before Read More

Using SEO to Sculpt Relevance for Keyword Prominence

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One of the main objectives of SEO is to establish a pecking order through relevance, chronology, prominence and authority within each page of your website. Mapping the focus of each page to accommodate the on page and off page reputation can dramatically increase user engagement and lower bounce rates vs. leaving your pages wide open Read More

SEO and Positioning – Keyword SEO

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We recently wrote a post on latent/dormant vs. expressed/active keywords as a part of your websites evolution process, and why having both for SEO are important. SEO and Positioning After writing the post, I began experimenting with a few free tools and developed a simple method to take a snapshot of the competitive landscape and Read More

How to Develop Domain Authority With Deep Links

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Search engines view each page in your website as a unique micro-site. As a result, each page can rank on its own accord if the appropriate signals are created. Building strong relationships from page to page in your site is what produces a dominant domain in search engines. However before domain authority occurs, each page Read More

Does Your 2009 Marketing Budget Include SEO?

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As 4th quarter (Q4) earnings are tabulated, companies who experienced record growth as a result of SEO are eager to initiate their online marketing objectives for the first quarter of 2009. SEO is Official To say that search engines and SEO have arrived in full-force in 2008 as one of the must-have marketing tactics for Read More

SEO / SEM Trends: Has PPC Lost its Appeal?

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With over 8 billion searches conducted each month, funneling paid and organic traffic through relevant keywords in search engines is vital for your website. If you knew that 8 out of 10 people choose organic search results over pay per click, would you still use pay per click? Or rather, if you rephrase the question, Read More

SEO: Are Search Engines Raising the Bar?

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Thinking from the perspective of a computer science engineer, what is the fastest way to combat search engine spam and websites with low quality?, simply de-index them by raising the bar. Are Search Engines Raising the Bar? Everything leaves a trail, or rather a digital footprint. Things like the relationship of link clusters (when links Read More

Embracing SEO

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Search engine optimization also known as SEO embraces multiple facets. Each facet is holistically integral to the collective aggregate that comprises a website. Through a plethora of tactics, techniques, timing and trust a website can carve a niche for itself and based on that support system reach millions of prospects. Those prospects are already eager Read More