SEO and the SERP Shuffle

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In case you have witnessed viable shifts in organic rankings as of late, it’s no secret that Google is constantly making tweaks, changes and adjustments to their algorithms to ensure the most relevant user experience. However, lately you may have noticed SERP (search engine result pages) doing the strangest things. Some say it is a Read More


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Search engine optimization (SEO) or Pay per click (PPC)? and which one is right for me? This is a question that thousands of business owners and marketing managers ask themselves daily when searching for methods to appeal a larger audience to increase conversion. This is not a debate, but rather an attempt to identify the Read More

Seasonal SEO

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There’s no question some businesses rely solely or heavily on seasonality and holidays to generate a majority of their revenues. The holiday season surrounding December proves to pay large dividends for retailers along with businesses related to travel. The first step in capturing a seasonally captive audience is to plan for it which is why Read More

Useful SEO Tips

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If you rank for competitive keywords through using SEO, you have to work “every day” to acquire additional rankings to fortify them or defend their position. If you relax at the top, you may very wake up and find out that someone has taken your spot or that the algorithm has found a suitable replacement Read More

The Gravity of SEO

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Just like the laws of momentum or newtons law, when it pertains to SEO, what goes up, must comes down. Its important to remember this when attempting to find the right equilibrium for your keywords amidst an algorithmic shift or the throes of competition. As you may have noticed, the search engine results are dancing Read More

Niche Site or Authority Site, Which is Better?

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I recently wrote a post about what happens as a result of the SEO process when a website crosses the tipping point (where internal momentum is unleashed) and the website stems and rank for multiple related keywords. I would like to explore that process a bit more and elaborate on which strategy is more suitable Read More

Targeting Traffic with Deep Links and Internal Linking

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Competitive market intelligence (the availability or lack thereof) is where 90% of the battle for search engine positioning is won or lost in search engines. SEO is about opportunity and hard work, but without the right information, your website will only reach a fraction of its potential. Like most websites that rely too heavily on Read More

Unleash Your Website with SEO

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Looking for ways to unleash your website in the search engines? Age and trust (in relation to pages) play a major role in rankings for SEO. In essence, the longer a page has been online and indexed in the search engine algorithm, the more leverage and value that page has to provide equity for other Read More

Applied SEO (In Theory and Application)

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Resources are typically sparse when referring to SEO. For that reason, today’s post serves as a summary of strategies for those who like to apply SEO rather than just read about it. This post is for those genuinely interested in search engine optimization, but find it difficult to find real useful information that moves beyond Read More

The Power of SEO Friendly Titles

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The value of a great title for SEO purposes is invaluable. The title is the first thing a search engine sees to determine (what is this page about) and how does it relate to the sites theme and the keywords contained within the page. Be Specific A diffused title does not provide clarity for the Read More

Every Word is a Keyword for SEO

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You have to look beyond keyword research if you want to be one of those companies that always appears at the top of search results. This implies knowing how to create traditional appeal in non traditional ways. However, what does that mean specifically? We know that doubling conversion does not necessarily mean you have to Read More

An Overview on Taxonomy, Relevance Score and Website Authority

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The process of how a website develops credibility and authority among its digital pier group is rather intriguing. One moment your clawing and scratching just to get anyone to notice your site exists, then the next thing you know your website has more traffic from your preferred audience from search engines on accident than most Read More