“SEO Tactics” to Improve Search Engine Positioning

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Instead of propagating hoopla with a long introduction or preamble, let’s just get down to some real SEO tactics that you can put into practice to improve your website’s search engine position. If you are familiar with link velocity (the rate in which you acquire or lose links) building links is not about quantity, but Read More

Developing Internal Links and Authority With SEO

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Instead of trying to make a one size fits all argument out of SEO, understand that rankings are a by product of multiple factors unified for a common goal. SEO should never be an afterthought, but rather a means to produce a specific attainable goal for generating and measuring traffic to your content which can Read More

The Quality of SEO Matters

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The quality of SEO matters now more than ever. With constant revisions to dated algorithms, search engines are savvier than ever in discovering sites that lack the proper quality to rank competitively. In the not so distant past, obsession with the home page, tons of off-topic links bullied their way past search engine algorithms, now, Read More

SEO, Is It All About Links? Not Anymore

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With so many new algorithms being adjusted, modified or replaced altogether, between the cached version of the SERPs (search engine result pages) and the actual index there are obvious discrepancies leaving their mark on the web. The New Search Engine Moderator – Indexing and De-indexing Before you can rank competitively, achieving the proper balance between Read More

Landing Pages and Bounce Rates

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Creating landing pages that convert is an intriguing topic. Success is dependent on visitor expectation and relevance. If you hit the wrong note with visitors, your pages can become complacent with high bounce rates (people leaving the page promptly). You never know how visitors will enter or move about your site. This is why communicating Read More

The Phases of SEO Part II

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In The Phases of SEO Part 1 we covered: 1) The Value of creating topical relevance through keeping your website and content on topic. 2) The Value of content development and the role it plays in building authority for your website. 3) The Value of strong internal links and linking to your own content through Read More

The Phases of SEO Part I

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According to Wikipedia – A phase is one part or portion in recurring or serial activities or occurrences logically connected within a greater process, often resulting in an output or a change. Hence, in this instance we refer to the Phases of SEO. With so many posts online vague touting the practice of SEO, what Read More

Link Building and SEO: Using Sitemaps and Tags

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Based on your sites architecture, internal and external links, search engines create a profile of how each correlates and interacts with the other to map out which pages have the highest significance to their index. This principle is known as link equity and fortunately for webmasters, link weight and link equity can be sculpted to Read More

Search Rankings Start with Great Keywords

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Search Rankings start with great keywords, in fact targeting the wrong keywords or modifiers only attracts the wrong audience to your content. Optimizing the right keywords and modifiers is your solution to higher online sales conversion. In this post from the past (either follow the link or the image), we discuss the power of proper Read More

How to Use SEO to Increase Website Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is great for attracting the right visitors to your website. However, without keeping new arrivals either entertained, informed or satisfied, it won’t really matter how visitors found you if they have the impulse to click the back button before your content overwhelms their curiosity. It is a simple fact that all Read More

Don’t Forget to Link Out

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Search engine optimization is more than just a series of techniques. It is a concept of continuity, which is why linking out (to other sites) matters equally if not more than who links to your website. For the sake of relevance and to create the right continuity, you’ll need to create the appropriate signals to Read More

Why SEO Should Never Be An Afterthought

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SEO should never be an afterthought, there are essentially two ways to rank (1) as a result of clear planning with deliberate intent and a master game plan developed over time or (2) hey is it too late to fix this site and eek some performance out of it? How many times have you ever Read More