What Happens When Search Engines Update the Indexing Process?

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Just wanted to pose an interesting question? What happens when search engines change their relevance model?, (change happens). When you consider SEO and search engine relevance, what matters most is getting in the search index and maintaining an upward trajectory. So, before you hit the panic button when your sites rankings take on a new Read More

Website Analysis: SEO Starts with a Thorough Analysis

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SEO starts with a thorough analysis of the website to conclude which aspects of your site need optimization. Why let coding errors or poor site architecture impact rankings for the worse? With search engine algorithms changing daily, there are no guarantees that the immunity you have today (from a favorable pat on the back) will Read More

Choosing the Best Keywords for SEO

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There are three ingredients for a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign (1) keyword selection (2) visibility and (3) conversion. Each are equally important, but always start by researching relevant keywords first.

Impulse Surfing, Click Triggers and Keywords

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Since no two people think or surf alike, the keywords each employ are susceptible returning search results and click triggers that can either promote impulse surfing (much like impulse shopping) or settle in to a relevant result that encourages conversion. Since you never really know where you will end up when you use a search Read More

Is Your On Page SEO Strong Enough?

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Is your On Page SEO strong enough? Honing your on page factors, sculpting page rank, funneling link weight and consolidating anchor text is only one facet of content optimization. Search engines assess your pages first to determine your sites relevance and how your pages measure up to existing pages in the search index on the Read More

How Do You Know Your SEO Is Working?

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How do you know if your SEO is working? Here are five stages outlined below to give you a better idea and measure the results. It doesn’t matter if you call it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or any other fancy acronym, what matters are results. Fortunately results are quantitative and measurable Read More

Priceless SEO Strategies

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Here are 5 Priceless SEO Strategies & Search Engine Optimization Tips that you can apply to your website today. 1) Use the right SEO strategy for the Job – Your strategy depends on the market and the keywords so if you intend to identify multiple keywords and ensure that your site has enough content about Read More

SEO – Managing Your Organic Keyword Campaign

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Managing your organic keyword campaign for SEO is a full-time responsibility. Through seeding the market with variety, one can determine which keywords have the strongest natural affinity with your sites core theme or invoke a content development strategy to fill in the blanks. One of the trade offs of organic search engine optimization is the Read More

SEO Defense: Why Defending Your Position is Necessary!

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What is SEO Defense? SEO defense is just that, defending your position against the competition. How is this done?, by focusing on metrics based on quality and refinement rather than quantity and volume. All you need is one page and one solid link to potentially create relevance, aside from that, it is the competition for Read More

Mission Accomplished: When You Finally Reach Your Goal!

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Everybody loves it on top (of search engines that is). Let’s face it, there is a reason why we obsess over our rankings, because we know that the more positions we occupy for our main keywords, the more your business we receive. For the past 2 1/2 years, SEO Design Solutions has been humbly pursuing Read More

Creating Synergy with your Content, On Page & Off Page SEO

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There is something to be said about choosing a champion or flagship page for SEO to lead the charge for your main keywords for search engine optimization. Choosing the right keywords is paramount to achieving the proper launch velocity for your search engine optimization campaign. Internal linking, content and off page SEO must work together Read More

Are Your Landing Pages Converting?

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Are you making the most of each page? Each page is a landing page in your site that can encourage visitors to take action, delve deeper and evaluate your value proposition or convert into a long-term loyal repeat customers. Ensuring that each page in your site serves as a landing page or target for a Read More