Targeting Behavioral Keywords

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If are familiar with the concept of SEO and targeting specific audiences based on demographic or psychographic profiles, all of that is a wash when you consider targeting consumer search behavior instead. Targeting Search Behaviors Instead of Just Keywords This by far is one of the most underutilized components of market research. The idea is Read More

SEO or Authority, Which is Better?

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Rome was not built in a day, neither was a top ranking using SEO. Each keyword has a threshold that search engines and the competition have set, finding it and surpassing that mark is the true objective of search engine optimization. Just like climbing Mount Everest (conquering a competitive keyword), takes planning, preparation and execution. Read More

With SEO, Timing is Everything!

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If you have ever wondered how a particular competitor used SEO to distance themselves distinctly in the top 3 positions for a competitive search term. How is it that they remain stable and calm and seem virtually unaffected by the churning results that rage below the top 3 positions that literally update by the minute? Read More

Organic SEO and Search Engine Cycles

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If you plan the cycles of SEO properly, there is no reason to battle with your competition for keywords or market share. Instead, rankings and their corresponding search engine results become a mere byproduct of proper planning and promotion. Organic SEO, Cause / Effect and The Cycles of Growth In order to topple relevant keywords Read More

Keyword Research: SEO, Traffic and Conversion

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A seasoned SEO will tell you, it’s not always the keywords you choose that will drive the most visitors and traffic to your website.You have to implement keyword research to find the keywords that yield the most traffic and inherent potential for conversion. Which Keywords Send the Most Traffic? Often, according to analytics, it’s the Read More

SEO Tutorial: Practical SEO Training Tips and Tactics

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The conundrum about ranking for specific keywords using search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher in search engines is based on a trinity of crucial metrics. SEO Tutorial for Developing Rankings and Authority This SEO tutorial covers SEO tips and techniques that you can apply to your website(s) to develop more authority which in turn Read More

PPC Landing Pages or SEO Landing Pages?

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If you ever wanted to make your organic preferred landing pages rank like PPC Landing Pages, this tutorial is for you. If you understand the implication of this invaluable, long-term SEO tactic, you could free-up thousands of dollars from your marketing budget by relinquishing your dependency on pay per click marketing. PPC Landing Pages or Natural Read More

Will Caffeinated Results from Google Stir Up Search Results?

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When the talk of Google Caffeine hit the street a few months back in August of 2009, SEO’s panicked thinking they had to retool their optimization methods to encompass the new paradigm. Google Caffeine is Live! Well, here is in November and according to the tip off from Russell Wright and Sue Bell at, Read More

Using SEO to Target Markets Not Just Keywords

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about keywords, relationships and traction. Despite the fact that not all keywords are worth pursuing, for those that are, there is a formula to keep in mind. There is no need to target keywords, if you can target entire markets instead. How to Use SEO to Target Markets and Read More

SEO Tactics to Outwit Competitors

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Researching existing competitors is a mandatory SEO process when evaluating the landscape of any potentially competitive market.  Aside from using simple tactics like Google Blog Search to find out which sites and respective keywords are entering the index in your industry or niche, you need real SEO tactics you can use to outwit competitors. Tips Read More

6 SEO Tips for Launching a New Website

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What are the 6 critical steps for launching a successful SEO website? If I had to list them in order, it would go something like this… 6 Steps to Launching a New Website 1 – Having a Reasonable Goal in Mind: Having a reasonable goal means understanding that depending on your strategy, resources and competency Read More

Search Results for SEO Experience Technical Difficulties

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What happened to the search results for SEO today around 1PM CST? I think at this point, only the Google engineers responsible for hitting the “scramble results for kicks button” really know. Glitch? New Algorithm? Amnesia? Who Knows… Let’s back up a bit, as someone who takes pride in producing top rankings for competitive keywords, Read More