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What are some distinguished characteristics a seasoned SEO might look for when considering affiliate markets to plunder?


Where there is passion, there are profits!

Beyond typical analytical keyword research which involves looking at the most competitive keywords first, there is a far simpler metric one can use when searching for keywords and key phrases that passionate consumers with credit cards use. The advantage to targeting passionate consumers is that they are primed and ready to purchase.

Don’t believe it? then let’s not forget about the massive stampedes of shoppers on black Friday rummaging store shelves or the Sesame Street Elmo doll melt-down a few years back when supply and demand met face to face and demand one, as well as numerous other “irrational consumer passions” that have fueled sales conversion for years.

Depending on your approach, you can reveal markets within markets and segment your target audience a thousand different ways.

  • Women looking for shoes, fashion or accessories
  • Men looking for gadgets, electronics, cars or motorcycles
  • Children looking for toys, games, trends
  • Middle aged consumers looking for health and / or anti aging products.
  • Elderly consumers looking for things to make life more manageable


  • which type of consumer to appeal to with your landing pages
  • which niche to concentrate on and
  • which method to use

– determines if you rank on page one for educational queries with limited commercial / transactional value attached or if you rank for more specific / less competitive keywords that have higher conversions per visitor that puts money in your pocket vs. hit and run online window shoppers.

Knowing which metrics to identify and how to bridge the gap can be traced to one emotion – “passion”. People who are passionate about the things they love and enjoy consider shopping for them as the price of admission.

You don’t have to twist anyone’s arm or use clever puns to sell them. They are already sold “if the product or service is presented” all you have to do is:

  • know which keyword / market tangent to target
  • understand the consumers needs – and
  • rank higher than your competition for those keywords

Despite the popular belief that the most competitive keywords drive the highest conversions, on the contrary, keywords that convert are not always competitive.

In fact, the more specific long-tail queries combined with the right offer equates to impulse purchases from highly qualified traffic.

Emulating this systematically boils down to a few critical emotional metrics based on neuropsychology, supply and demand.

To provide a few examples, the types of markets that are evergreen are:

  • products for children or loved ones

o   educational products for children

o   products for elderly loved ones

o   products for pets

  • i.e. Amazon Kindle (one of the top selling products)
  • i.e health monitors for elderly family members.
  • i.e dog sweaters, cat products, pet meds, etc.

With markets such as these, you can use educational long-tail queries to zero-in on traffic that converts, without having to fight tooth and nail with competitors for the top tier keywords in that market.

Examples such as:

  • best reading games for kids
  • which mobility scooters are best
  • best life alert systems for seniors
  • where can I find cute dog sweaters
  • or even more specifically shorter tail variations such as “Collie sweaters, Dalmatian sweaters, etc”.

In this instance by using modifiers (keyword variations based on a theme) you can take a lateral approach (conquering each modifier) to the market and devour the relevant nodes/categories/makes/models and brands and still spend less time, energy and money than targeting the most competitive keywords in the market.

All the while, it is based on passion, emotion and care vs. less important things you want and may not need.

By applying this type of tactic to your market, you can distill the type of user (preferably one influenced by emotion and passion) vs. a broad stroke of appeal you might evoke for a broad keyword using a shotgun approach to marketing.

The value of visitor value equates to (1) who are they (2) what are they looking for and (3) how passionate are they about it? Once you have these three metrics locked in, keyword research, landing page creation and conversion are all second nature. 

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