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It is no secret that in business, timing and relevance represent immense opportunity; and search engines and SEO are no different. You have to know what to say, why it’s relevant to your audience, when to say it and whom to address to make the most of each impression.

SEO, Press Releases and Building the Buzz!

SEO, Press Releases and Building the Buzz!

It is safe to say that content without context or relevance falls on roving eyes or click-happy trigger fingers ready to abandon a website in a moments notice to find a more enticing offer.

The great thing about search engines and search engine traffic is, search engines deliver pre-qualified opt-in visitors, since the algorithm already determines what content to showcase to visitors who are already viewing related content. All this juncture, the emphasis is to align your offer and value proposition to match the expectation of the viewer to encourage engagement.

From another angle, people and search engines (since they are programmed that way) are externally curious and there is nothing like news to intrigue readership to a website or blog struggling to make an impression.

We know that the key to effective marketing is exposure, and despite the different species of traffic and visitors, relevance is the one thing they expect to buy in to the buzz and pass it on. In fact, presenting the concept, building the buzz “both online of offline” and managing the conversation are essentially the premise of large scale successful businesses.

So why not apply a scaled down version of this fundamental truth on your website as a mechanism for feedback, a way to extend your customer base, build a brand or target a new audience for an introductory product, service or prospective. This is where the SEO part comes into play.

Search engines pride themselves on finding the most articulate and refined content that is relevant and recent. We call it the content freshness factor in SEO and it can provide tremendous leverage for slouching sales, company morale or landing pages conversions.

Knowing this, if your website is still trying to pass off stale pages as significant (although they might be), there is nothing like adding fresh relevant news or information from your industry or niche to let search engines and readers know that you are a contender for the top 10 spots that represent the helm of your business model.

Search engine optimization has a very specific function, to drive relevant traffic from search engines to increase visitor engagement, sales and conversion in a method that can be replicated on a granular level.

Yet, SEO is dependent on popularity as a metric, which means that you could have the best website in a niche, but unless you broadcast it enough to gain critical mass to cross the tipping point, the exposure, trust and authority that search engines give it will be limited.

This process is known as peer review and essentially it is like running the gauntlet and the sites linking to your own act as agents of change that solidify your website or web pages position as a result of them vouching for your credibility online.

Trust is paramount when information is presented and notably search engines reward websites with a deep understanding on a topic or websites which are highly sought for educational purposes. This is one reason why Wikipedia rankings dominate the majority of competitive keyword verticals with ease.

Now, for commerce the best way to sell your product or service may not be through preaching about it through white papers, case studies or the like; however, there is a fine line that you can leverage to build brand equity while attracting new eyes to your ROI laden offers.

Rather than get into online promotional techniques, in this instance tactics would be more suitable. The idea behind building the buzz is to create an affinity with news aggregators or align your business topically with trends.

If you increase your websites news worthiness, you can increase your crawl rate (get search engines visit more frequently), you can create deep links (links from other websites to specific page) as well as gain exposure to thousands of readers using Google’s unique broad match algorithm (which will already display your site whenever a similar topic is typed in a search engine).

This is the power of the press release, the power to syndicate your message means that is can influence the influencers on common ground (their own / opt-in discretion). As a result, the press release serves as a medium to bridge the gap, create the buzz and provide a feedback loop for your pages. Yet the links, traffic and engagement that result in their wake can also bolster search engine rankings for specific landing pages. Not to mention, you can attract some links that have substance from webmasters who manage authority sites.

Just like search engines and SEO, you can spend all the time in the word optimizing your site for search engines, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to influencing the people that arrive (to take action). Humans not search engines pay the bills and so make sure your SEO has a purpose (to communicate a point).

Action and action alone is what truly impacts the bottom line, not just rankings but conversion from people facilitating your proposition from the emotional appeal of your offer. 

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    In business, timing and relevance represent immense opportunity. Search engines always provide recent and relevant information.Search engine optimization is highly helpful for website promoters.

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