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What is Your Click Style?

It’s no secret that with SEO it’s all about getting the click! Similarly, there is no doubt that positioning is the first step in monetization and conversion. If there is no click through (on some level) there is no conversion. What may have started as a tangent stemmed from one search and a keyword, can […]

How to Motivate Employees During a Recession

Instead of ignoring the pink elephant in the room, it’s vital to take initiative and implement strategy to keep your employees motivated towards a common goal. Without communicating effectively, obtaining creative contribution, empowering your staff and sourcing leadership to the right individuals, you could be headed towards a downward spiral. -Jeffrey

What Does Your Corporate Culture Say About Your Brand?

Today, we are taking a break from the topic of SEO and handing the blog over to Mr. Shiraz Madan, the Vice President of SEO Design Solutions. Today’s article focuses on  establishing a corporate culture to improve character and enhance brand perception. Corporate culture is a very broad term and can be interpreted in several […]

Business to Business Internet Marketing

Have you ever felt you may have targeted the wrong audience with your advertising and marketing efforts? Chances are your revenue model could increase sales conversion dramatically as a result of adding a few qualifying benchmarks to assess your target audience. Life is cyclical and at the root of all transactions are three fundamental characteristics […]

3 SEO Tips for Small Business

With the economic downturn as of late, businesses are forced to be more careful with their marketing budget. The dichotomy however, is that small businesses need SEO more than any other type of marketing platform to keep afloat, reach a more targeted type of consumer and achieve a healthy ROI on dwindling margins due to […]

What Does it Take to Create Amazing SEO Results?

Although the definition of amazing is unique to each individual, we know that getting quality traffic from SEO results is half the battle, yet once consumers reach your site, that traffic still must convert. Search engines deliver pre-qualified traffic based on the premise that anxious consumers are already searching for products and services. However, depending […]

Risk, Reward and B2B Networking

When the economy waivers, risk increases as advertising and marketing budgets recede for businesses seeking a higher return on investment. Similarly, business owners tend to purchase less frequently and perform more extensive due diligence when making financial decisions. For most, times like these hold the trappings of (a) either closing up shop or (b) changing […]

Diversify Your Product Offering and Target Demographics

It’s common to see businesses obsessed with their “target demographic”. Tunnel vision leads them to blindly chase after a specific niche and pin their hopes and dreams that this ideal consumer will come knocking on the door. The problem lies in competitive markets, where the target demographic is faced with a slew of options due […]

Conversion Optimization – “Increase Conversion” Not Just Traffic

Aside from search engine optimization, conversion optimization is a topic that anyone striving in a competitive marketplace should be familiar with. So often, businesses tend to look past the traffic their website already receives and thinks of online marketing, advertising and ROI as simply a numbers game. If increasing trust and revenue is your objective, […]

SEO is Not The Only Solution

Search engine optimization is not the only solution, SEO, like a tool, serves a very specific purpose and function, which is to increase exposure for your website. However, just because you gain exposure and drive traffic to a page or a website, does not ensure success alone. Factors such as usability (navigation, image placement, font […]

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