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Don’t “miss the boat” when it comes to new visitors and increasing website traffic. The competition is fierce for attention and user engagement, and you only have one chance to make a first impression.
Don't Miss the Boat With New Visitors and Online Traffic, by SEO Design Solutions.
Each person online has a unique way they move about the web with a plethora of digital options. Some surf for fun, others for business, others for research, shopping or communication. However, regardless of the reason, the one unifying aspect that remains the same is, they browse with emotion.

So, before you break everything down to hits per page, site-wide impressions, start analyzing user engagement time for each page to get a better idea of what readers respond to, so that you can improve it if your conversion and click through rates are dwindling.

Rather than let your hits spiral into obscurity, perhaps it is time to see your site with “new eyes” to see things for what they are. If the content is mediocre, then call it how it is. Your visitors are honest enough to stay when something rivets them to their seat or leave when they lose interest, but let’s face it, there is competition for roving eyes and unless your go further than the competition, your website will only be an after-thought.

Content is the glue, your site either has the “It Factor”, the “It Factor” meaning that “visitor comes, visitor sees and visitor stays” or “visitor hits a snag and bounces away” to find a better deal. The last thing you want, at the end of the day is to sound like uncle Charlie telling the fish that got away story for the 100th time. Wouldn’t you rather provide a solid foundation instead that readers will link to and share as a vital resource (if that is your websites’ purpose).

Or how about a satisfied shopper referring you to a friend, or dozens of friends through linked in, for example. Never underestimate the power of networking or viral distribution. Creating the right ripple effect starts with great content, which often requires SEO copywriting services for content creation to get the job done, when there just isn’t time to keep adding relevant topical information to your website.

Google and other search engines analyze various facets of the user experience to arrive at what they deem an authority site. How deep in the page a visitor treks, how long they stayed, how many other pages they visited and dozens of other criteria to arrive at their relevance score.

The bottom line is, don’t miss the boat on traffic. If your content is sparse, then add more related content to have something worthy of sharing. Search engine spiders and humans alike can be fussy readers, so take the initiative to go back, sift through all of your pages that have the most traffic and refine them to pure elegance and simplicity, you may be surprised of the impact it has on conversion, inbound calls or inquiries.

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