Motivated Buyers, SEO and Intent

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Search engine optimization (SEO) revolves around keywords, intent and search behavior. Keywords and Contextual Modifiers Motivated Buyers Use Through understanding motivated buyers, contextual keyword modifiers and search query intent, you can bridge the gap of utility and position your pages for mass consumption through tactful conversion copywriting.

Stop Targeting Keywords, Target Behaviors

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Regardless of whether your online marketing campaign utilizes  SEM (search engine marketing) or SEO (search engine optimization), keywords are responsible for translating intent. Stop Targeting Keywords, Target Search Behavior Instead Keywords are the words people use when trying to get a point across or more specifically find something. As such, their language is already closer Read More

Create Traffic or Optimize Existing Traffic?

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There comes a point when you cross a particular threshold where the conditional aspects of continuity suggest alternatives, specifically in contention to SEO and conversion. Logic suggests that we need SEO to drive traffic, just as we need traffic to increase sales; however without factoring the common denominator (which in this case is conversion) the Read More

Natural Search: Relevance and SEO Rankings

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SEO rankings from natural search offer tremendous value to any website. Considering that nearly 70% of traffic to most sites are a result of search engines or contingent on the visitor stemming from a site they found in a search engine to reach your page. Improving Natural Search Results Acquiring natural search rankings are a Read More