Google Optimization – Using Webmaster Tools to Assess Links

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In the past I have hinted about the importance of applying SEO to website architecture and how many websites are overly dependent on the homepage for rankings, but what about actionable intelligence that you can apply on a granular level. If you ever wanted to know how to use Google Webmaster Tools to assess internal Read More

Google Optimization: Using Search Operators

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The underlying premise of SEO suggests that you understand the task at hand when it comes to outranking the other 999 entrants for any given keyword. Google stops indexing a particular keyword after 1000 results when assessing the aggregate relevance score to determine which results are spawned. By truly understanding this, you can discover a Read More

Google Optimization: Why SEO Rankings Matter!

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Why does the headline on a newspaper have the most compelling caption? Why does it reside at the helm of the page screaming boldly to make a point? Because positioning is important and what better place to equate greatness than at the top of our visual periphery? Similarly, Google Optimization and SEO rankings above the Read More