Internet Marketing or SEO?

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For those unfamiliar with SEO, it is an acronym for search engine optimization; SEO roughly translates as a systemic method to achieve higher rankings in search engines for specific pages that correspond to specific keywords. SEO is a facet of internet marketing used to deliver visitors through an opt-in mechanism. By searchers merely “executing a Read More

Internet Marketing Strategies to Research Your Competitors

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When it comes to assessing your competition, knowing where to look, why to look and what to look for matters when initiating an SEO or Internet Marketing campaign. Marketing and competitive research can save you weeks and months of trial an error if implemented properly. Using the right internet marketing strategies to research your competitors Read More

Piecing Together the Internet Marketing Puzzle

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Just like a piece of a puzzle, putting your site over the top and achieving optimal search engine visibility boils down to finding the missing link (between your on-page and off-page SEO). Without it, your internet marketing efforts can remain on the brink of success to no avail, with it, exposure and opportunity can bring Read More

Strategic Keyword and Link Building Strategies for Internet Marketing

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If you ever wondered how to measure SEO results for link building, here is one of many tactics that provides insight to how rankings are acquired as a result of a keyword acquisition & keyword sniping. Relevance is the basis of rankings, you either have it or you don’t. Relevance is determined by the type Read More