SEO or Web 2.0 Internet Marketing?

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Which is more beneficial for business, SEO or Web 2.0 Internet Marketing? First, the distinction; SEO is all about making your own web property more visible based on keywords and key phrases a potential consumer may use to find offers, products or services. On the contrary, web 2.0 is based on the premise of using Read More

We Know, It’s Not Just About SEO

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Just like a healthy diet, having a balanced array if nutritional variety serves the overall goal (which is to create holistic health for all functions of the body). Much in the same way, SEO is a great supplement in addition to off line promotion or traditional marketing mediums. SEO is often misunderstood by the masses; Read More

SEO, PPC or Conversion? Which is More Important?

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What does your websites traffic tell you? Keyword obsession regardless of SEO or PPC (pay per click) marketing is a cold hard reality for most businesses online. However, is there something else that is more important that is often overlooked? Don’t Confuse the Messenger with The Message! SEO and PPC are just a means to Read More

Analysis of the Top 5 Websites that Rank for “Marketing”

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Say you wanted to rank for the word “marketing” for example, what is the first thing you would do to optimize such a broad phrase? In case you thought it was entirely out of the question (aside from budgetary constraints for human resource), I would like to share a very profound algorithmic principle (simplified by Read More

Internet Marketing: Conversion is More About the Message Than The Medium

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Definitions exist for the sake of creating continuity among the collective. You hear the term conversion being thrown around like a rag doll in internet marketing, but what does conversion truly entail. Aside from breaking it down to the point when a consumer clicks the buy now or purchase now button during checkout, things are Read More

Small Business SEO – Internet Advertising and Promotion

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Do you have a small business that has to compete with larger corporations who are vying for prime market share on a daily basis? If you said no, then you may need to reconsider your niche. If you said yes, then search engine optimization (SEO) is something worth investigating.

Why it’s Time for Traditional Marketing to Step Aside

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So many options, so little time. Attention diffusion is a reality for the modern consumer. While surfing the web via Stumble Upon, I came across a great video from Seth Godin (a true SEO / marketing guru) who shed some interesting new light on the current state of marketing and how savvy consumers are not Read More

SEO Link Building – How to Achieve Multiple Top 10 Rankings with the SEO Domino Effect!

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Ranking in the top 10 search results is accomplished frequently through building links from authority sites in conjunction with exceptional on-page factors. By understanding the premise of how and which links pass value, how they impact rankings and just how many are required to achieve the appropriate link velocity to rise in the SERPs, one Read More

Target Marketing, Hit, Miss or Finding the Right Audience

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Hitting your target in marketing takes more than wishful thinking, it takes research, perspective, patience and aptitude. Knowing who your customers are, where to find them how to speak to them and what makes them tick is what distinguishes those who have a successful online marketing campaign and those who aspire to crack the code Read More

Internet Marketing & The Rules of Engagement

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Internet marketing is the synthesis of traditional marketing, web 2.0 SEO Technology (social media, networking) and common sense. On one side, you have to think like the user who knows nothing and emulate how you would go about navigating the web to find conclusive results for your queries in a truly unbiased fashion. On the Read More

SEO Technology?, Web 2.0?, Seo Web Design? What’s Next?

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What constitutes the birth of one industry is oftentimes the death of another. With all of the internet buzz words flying around these days like Seo Web Design, Web 2.0, Internet Marketing, Seo Technolgy and a host of other mutant forms of traditional advertising and marketing, understanding the underlying premise is important to gauge where Read More