Market Analysis: How to Discover Your Competitors Keywords

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Market analysis is a necessary step for anyone considering SEO. You need to know (1) who the major players in a given industry are (2) what strategies they have at their disposal (3)  what percentage of traffic they receive from specific keywords as well as (4)  if they have other related keywords rising to the Read More

Keyword Optimization – “Selecting the Right Keywords for Battle”!

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Before you scream “charge” and run into battle without a game plan, you need to know what you are up against. Sites that occupy the top 10 spots in Google, Yahoo and MSN have one thing in common, lots of links, the proper mixture of on-page and off-page SEO and an added element of trust Read More

Link Building, Marketing & Promotion

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It’s not just one facet of search engine optimization that creates a top 10 ranking for a website, it’s a combination of dozens of factors that affect the relative outcome and ranking of a website. How each element cultivates and culminates is directly responsible for your website taking on the persona of authoritative stature or Read More