Balancing Keyword Acquisition, SEO and Website Authority

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A website replete with authority often overlooks the magnitude of what becomes possible as the site as a whole evolves. It’s like groveling for peanuts when you could have steak instead. Balancing Keyword Objectives and Website Authority Don’t squander your SEO on less competitive keywords as a long-term SEO strategy. The vision, scope and depth Read More

Keywords and Modifers: How Visitors Find Your Website!

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Let’s face it, websites do not optimize themselves and while SEO may not be rocket science, it does require tact and there are various stages and layers involved before you start ranking for substantial keywords.  This is why it’s imperative that you create a blueprint for success and use it as a schema to develop Read More

SEO – Managing Your Organic Keyword Campaign

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Managing your organic keyword campaign for SEO is a full-time responsibility. Through seeding the market with variety, one can determine which keywords have the strongest natural affinity with your sites core theme or invoke a content development strategy to fill in the blanks. One of the trade offs of organic search engine optimization is the Read More

Exact Match is Nice, but with Key Phrases Think Unique!

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Since no two people think or search alike it pays to think unique. For those unfamiliar with the terms “exact match” or “unique” in contention to search engines, one (exact match) is like a laser beam, precise and concentrated, while the other (unique) is like a flash light, nebulous and all encompassing. In a nutshell, Read More

Keyword Optimization – “Selecting the Right Keywords for Battle”!

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Before you scream “charge” and run into battle without a game plan, you need to know what you are up against. Sites that occupy the top 10 spots in Google, Yahoo and MSN have one thing in common, lots of links, the proper mixture of on-page and off-page SEO and an added element of trust Read More

Optimizing your site for the “Most Searched Keywords” – Condensed Version

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This is the short version of Optimizing the “Most Searched Keywords” to Target you Niche amply renamed Optimizing your site for The Most Searched Keywords (condensed version). Click here for the complete version of this in depth SEO post. Based on your link building strategy, you have the opportunity to focus on highly competitive terms Read More