Keyword Research is the Key to E-Commerce

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Keyword research is the first step in any SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. This is the phase where you compile various critical keywords based on your vertical market, competitors, trend analysis and emerging market trends. Choosing the Right Keywords for Commerce The key is to find the sweet spot in between where context, action words Read More

Keyword Research and Search Engine Positioning

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Never underestimate the power of SEO and acquiring a top 3 position for multiple keywords in search engines. Since no two consumers think or search alike, the common keyword threads they do use should be anticipated and optimized in order to maximize your websites search engine positioning and corresponding market share. Enquiro's Golden Triangle of Read More

Keyword Research Where SEO Begins

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At the root of any successful SEO campaign is keyword research. Keyword research is based on the analysis of underlying patterns aggregated from search behavior to assess relative keywords and phrases that consumers might use when looking for products and services such as your own. By mapping out which keywords have the highest yield to Read More

What to Do When Keywords Plateau in the SERPs

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Have you ever wondered why certain keywords rise faster than others? or what to do when Keywords plateau in the search engine result pages? After performing SEO on thousands of websites over the years, you are able to discern distinct patterns that all affect why a keyword ranks and where. For example if a website Read More

How to Extend your Keyword Empire in 3 Simple Steps!

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In the quest for optimizing a series of holistic keywords for your niche, two essential ingredients are (1) creating appealing content (for search engines and humans) while (2) overcoming countless bouts with competitors that are constantly vying for your position. Aside from vision and resolve, you will need a plan that is search engine savvy Read More

Phrase Rank, Trust Rank and Linking Outside the Box

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This post is about relevance and Linking Outside the Box as Trust Rank, Phrase Rank and Page Rank are looking for more than just links to assess your content. As the holiday season is upon us and we wind down this illustrious year of 2007, what better way to conclude and enliven the festivities than Read More

SEO Design – Making the Most of Web Page Layout & Keyword Research for Rankings

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Are you aware of how a few changes to your website can improve you SEO and search engine rankings? For example, simply by understanding how spiders crawl your pages and what emphasis they place on particular types of content is imperative for ensuring: (a) that all of the information on your pages is easily accessible Read More