SEO Tool SEM Rush Adds New Keyword Trend Data

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If you are engaged in SEO and curious about which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website in Google, the SEO Quake team who brought you SEO Digger and now SEM Rush has recently added a new keyword tracking metric to their online arsenal known as “Trend Data”. adds Trend Data to Read More

Balancing Keyword Acquisition, SEO and Website Authority

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A website replete with authority often overlooks the magnitude of what becomes possible as the site as a whole evolves. It’s like groveling for peanuts when you could have steak instead. Balancing Keyword Objectives and Website Authority Don’t squander your SEO on less competitive keywords as a long-term SEO strategy. The vision, scope and depth Read More

Keywords and Modifers: How Visitors Find Your Website!

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Let’s face it, websites do not optimize themselves and while SEO may not be rocket science, it does require tact and there are various stages and layers involved before you start ranking for substantial keywords.  This is why it’s imperative that you create a blueprint for success and use it as a schema to develop Read More

Website Authority: Editing Content for SEO Value

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Since the topic of reviving old content was brought up earlier today (from linking to a post from the past), I thought it was only fitting to dig into the SEO archives again to harvest yet another opportunity to drive home a point. Can Editing Your Pages Produce Organic Rankings? A website is a work Read More

Unique Search – Targeting Semantic Root Phrases and Keywords

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There is a saying we throw around the office, target the root and devour the low hanging fruit. Simply put, low hanging fruit (keywords with high conversion and low competition) are one of the best kept secrets of SEO. There are more keywords under the surface than their are keywords revealed.

You Can’t Buy Credibility

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You can buy links, you can buy domains, but let’s face it, you just can’t buy credibility. Credibility takes time, typically there is no way around it. You have to earn your stripes, and with SEO, actions speak louder than words. Time is an equation that alludes to authority and authority begets popularity. Sensing that Read More

An Overview on Taxonomy, Relevance Score and Website Authority

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The process of how a website develops credibility and authority among its digital pier group is rather intriguing. One moment your clawing and scratching just to get anyone to notice your site exists, then the next thing you know your website has more traffic from your preferred audience from search engines on accident than most Read More