Using SEO to GEO Target Local Keywords

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Do you GEO target keywords for your online audience? One of the great things about SEO is that you can Geo Target specific markets for maximum market saturation. Let’s discuss how… With so many ways to appeal to a specific audience, if you have a national presence for a particular keyword or market, you can Read More

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips to Improve Organic Rankings

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Ever wondered how to attain higher local search engine rankings? Here are a few SEO tips to strengthen organic search engine placement. Although the competition can be fierce from local businesses (who often resort to keyword stuffing) local search engine optimization is far less convoluted by comparison to national search engine placement.

Why Local Search Marketing is a Must for Small Business

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We all know how effective using the internet can be for finding useful information, researching a product or service, socializing or making purchases. But the topic we will be discussing is why local search engine optimization in important. Google Algorithms Changes and SERP Watching Understanding this, the demand for optimizing your content and your website Read More