SEO and Long Tail Optimization

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Google currently occupies 72% of the market share for all searches conducted in the US, making it prime real estate for over 60 Million users each day. Despite your industry, attaining a lofty position for multiple keywords through the use of SEO or SEM, represent vast economic and strategic advantage. Even though you may have Read More

Keyword Relevance and SEO

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Is it better to focus on keywords or on market share instead? If your website has a dominant market position, the keywords visitors use to find your website are irrelevant. The fact is, with a dominant site, it would be harder not to have your pages appear anytime a relevant search was executed. At SEO Read More

Reviving The Long Tail of SEO

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Depending on how far along in the sales cycle a consumer is, the keywords they use to find products or services in search engines drastically vary. Statistically, someone “closer to purchasing” in the sales cycle use a very specific array of modifiers such as mfg., make, model number, color of the item or ideal store Read More

Exact Match is Nice, but with Key Phrases Think Unique!

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Since no two people think or search alike it pays to think unique. For those unfamiliar with the terms “exact match” or “unique” in contention to search engines, one (exact match) is like a laser beam, precise and concentrated, while the other (unique) is like a flash light, nebulous and all encompassing. In a nutshell, Read More