Converting SEO Bounce Rates to Clients

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What percentage of visitors is leaving your website because they cannot find what they want? Aside from SEO and driving traffic to a website, what happens after they arrive is even more important. Converting SEO Bounce Rates to Clients Is your sales copy disjointed, is there a clear call to action, are you speaking to Read More

Landing Pages and Bounce Rates

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Creating landing pages that convert is an intriguing topic. Success is dependent on visitor expectation and relevance. If you hit the wrong note with visitors, your pages can become complacent with high bounce rates (people leaving the page promptly). You never know how visitors will enter or move about your site. This is why communicating Read More

“User Engagement” – The Only Metric that Matters!

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As a result of the information age reaching unprecedented levels of exchange, creating a comfortable user experience is worth more exponentially in contrast to the means used to initially develop the traffic. With so many options and users suffering from information overload, user engagement is the cornerstone of developing a successful online brand. What value Read More