Value Propositions that Convert

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Can you remember the excitement of your last purchase for something you really wanted? Almost like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa Claus, there is nothing like finding a great deal and making a purchase online. Appealing to Savvy Online Shoppers When emotion is the driving force, time disappears and the addictive side of Read More

Walmart Challenges Amazon with Free Shipping on 60,000 Items

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Affiliates, here is an interesting tidbit of breaking news gleaned from MSNBC that can put money in your pockets.  WalMart is making a push to woo online shoppers this season by offering FREE shipping on over 60,000 items. WalMart Challenges Amazon with Free Shipping As value-conscious consumers turned super-savvy online shoppers now stay home and Read More

Online Shopping – Just Search, Click, Pick and Pay!

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Who thought shopping online could be so easy, simply opening a browser, conducting a search, finding a great product online and making a purchase is nothing out of the ordinary for millions of consumers each day. The advantages of shopping online are (1) zero traffic or commuting time (2) no need to stand in long Read More