Keyword Research and Search Engine Positioning

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Never underestimate the power of SEO and acquiring a top 3 position for multiple keywords in search engines. Since no two consumers think or search alike, the common keyword threads they do use should be anticipated and optimized in order to maximize your websites search engine positioning and corresponding market share. Enquiro's Golden Triangle of Read More

Google Optimization: Why SEO Rankings Matter!

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Why does the headline on a newspaper have the most compelling caption? Why does it reside at the helm of the page screaming boldly to make a point? Because positioning is important and what better place to equate greatness than at the top of our visual periphery? Similarly, Google Optimization and SEO rankings above the Read More

Search Behavior & Why Ranking Above the Fold Matters

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Search behavior ranges for each individual and the level of commitment and resolve a person exhibits when they embark on a search using a search engine is unique. Although the way we search is unique, based on the keywords and phrases we use, certain elements remain intact, such as the innate desire to click the Read More