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There is No Place for SEO Complacency

For every dollar you spend on SEO, there is a competitor spending 10 to 1000 times that amount to neutralize your efforts and own the most coveted top 3 spots for that keyword. This leads to the next question. Are you serious about SEO? If so, then how serious are you? Do you have what […]

SEO Tips to Step Over Competitors

Contained in this post are practical SEO Tips to step over complacent competitors by targeting the least common denominator with SEO. This, in turn, churns lackluster contenders off the page as a matter of relevance and precedence. There are three phases of keyword acquisition (1) research and evaluation (2) fluidity and buoyancy and (3) acquisition […]

Overcoming the SEO Barrier to Entry

Websites that are adept in SEO have inherent self defense in search engines. Call it the grandfather effect, topical relevance, term frequency, link popularity, authority or whatever you like, but challenging a contender for a competitive keyword is not to be taken lightly. After hearing “how long will it take to rank in the top […]

Are You Serious About SEO?

It is fair to say that SEO represents a gateway to new customers. Due to the sheer numbers involved, a large percent of whom are ready to purchase which can be easily discerned based on their mood, navigation path and keywords they use. Hence, if you fail to see the gravity of competition for each […]

What are you Learning from Competition?

They say, “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”, viewing your competition or business adversary in this light offers a true competitive advantage. The last thing any business wants to admit, is what they can learn from their competition, however… In Regard to SEO, Your competition can teach you: How to be resourceful […]

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