Using SEO for New Business Development

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New business is the corner-stone of any revenue model; with that in mind getting new visitors to your website is paramount as a prime directive for marketing and new business development. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for New Business Development Although SEO is one of the most cost-effective means to deliver traffic to a website, Read More

What is Your Click Style?

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It’s no secret that with SEO it’s all about getting the click! Similarly, there is no doubt that positioning is the first step in monetization and conversion. What's Your Click Style? If there is no click through (on some level) there is no conversion. What may have started as a tangent stemmed from one search Read More

The Laser, the Flashlight and the Funnel

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Often I use analogies for SEO to communicate concepts for strategic execution. Today’s analogy is about the context of landing pages, call to action and value propositions and honing a unique selling point in comparison to a flashlight, a laser and a funnel. Read further to see the correlation of these seemingly unrelated objects (at Read More