SEO Basics for Beginners

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If you own a small-business, and find yourself looking for SEO basics or tips and tactics to rank your website, then here are some pointers to set you in the right direction. Just like you have got to learn to walk before you run, if you understand the various aspects of SEO, then you can Read More

Using Google Search Operators for SEO

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If you are employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a website, then you can use Google search operators to gather resourceful metrics for competitive research and analysis to fine-tune optimization. Using Google Search Operators for SEO Think of search operators like short-cuts that allows you to pull specific data from a search index (search engine) Read More

Up Up and Away – Rise Above Your Competition in the SERPs

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There is no magic bullet for SEO, at least not SEO that can stand the test of time. Search algorithms are constantly in a state of flux and those who intend on staying ahead of the curve have one thing they can do (aside from packs of me too sites) to ensure immunity in the Read More

Introducing – The SEO Basics Optimized WordPress Theme!

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You may have seen our first Optimized WordPress Theme Small Business SEO and now joining the lineup is SEO Basics a FREE WordPress theme inspired by our very own site at SEO Design Solutions. Details about the SEO Basics theme: Orange, black, and gray combined to create a clean, great-looking theme. Supports rotating 125×125 sidebar Read More

Simplifying Search Engine Optimization

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Nothing like going back to search engine optimization basics, there are no secrets in SEO, just overlapping processes which yield favorable results when combined or on the contrary hinder other processes from maturing to optimal efficiency. The rule of thumb is, using solid fundamentals such as optimizing your site architecture, writing impeccable content and using Read More

SEO Basics – Using Allinanchor, Allintitle Allintext

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There’s nothing like witnessing the transformation of a site that starts at the bottom of a niche ranking for a few sparsely related terms then systematically expands their keywords to encompass several thousand traffic-bearing key phrases through embracing SEO. This occurs as a result of balancing the ratios that determine relevance which are (allinanchor, allintitle, Read More

SEO Basics and Creating your Own 800 Pound Gorilla!

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There is nothing like having an 800 Pound Gorilla perched at the top of the most competitive key phrases in your industry (staring you down) every time you even THINK about optimizing a new search term. Despite why they are there (usually as a result of patience, planning and persistence) what may be more disturbing Read More