Shopping for SEO Companies

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When you are searching for SEO companies to assist you in achieving better rankings for your Web site, make sure you do your due diligence as far as comparison shopping. It is wise to interview around three to five companies before you make your decision. Shopping for SEO Companies As SEO campaigns are often costly, Read More

SEO Expertise is Worth it

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The thing to keep in mind about SEO is that it is scalable and depending on (a) your website and if it was constructed initially with SEO in mind (b) your budget (c) your ability to add or edit content (d) your ability to attract, build or acquire links as well as how well each Read More

Guaranteed SEO Rankings?

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You hear the term “guaranteed” and Guaranteed SEO Rankings being thrown around as a marketing ploy to bait new business. There is nothing wrong with guaranteeing your work; but the only real guarantee in SEO is that “if” you “do the right thing”, that search engines will crawl, access and grade your content and create Read More

SEO Company or In-House SEO?

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Should your business hire an SEO company or just hire an In-House SEO? This is the question pondered by thousands of businesses daily. Do You Hire an SEO Company or In-House SEO? On one hand, there is nothing wrong with being “value-conscious” and taking a more vertical and equitable approach to your business, “wanting to Read More

SEO Positioning

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Lets face it, SEO Positioning is important. The top 3 results on any given search represent 80% of the traffic funneling to those pages. Call it convenience by association, laziness or just the fact that pages ranked at the top equate to a higher degree of editorial trust in the minds of consumers. In any Read More

How to Evaluate an SEO Company for Services

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So your boss or upper level management finally got wind of SEO and the order has come from the corporate level to go and find the most reputable SEO company possible to shake the foundation of the web on behalf of their company. The Search for SEO Services Naturally, the most competitive phrases are the Read More

Does Your Business Need an SEO Company?

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years or still use the yellow pages to find a restaurant, store location or library to research information, times have changed with the advent of search engines and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. With over 60 millions Americans using search engines daily and those Read More

Finding the Right SEO Company for the Best SEO Services

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Search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO, is comprised of multiple disciplines. Each has its roots in improving a websites performance by streamlining facets ranging from site and information architecture, content, internal / external links, the programming platform / code selection, site analytics and the hosting environment. Each facet holds a holistic piece of the Read More

SEO Consultant or SEO Services?

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Does your business need SEO Services or an SEO Consultant? The definitive answer, it depends. An Example of When an SEO Consultant is Enough: Let’s assume Company A has an aged site with clearly established authority, SEO services may in fact be overkill when all they need is (1) a target and (2) a tactic Read More

SEO, Linking and The Company You Keep!

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Who you link to matters! A great deal can be said about your site by observing the company you keep. Linking by affinity can augment or impede search engine positioning. Although search engines are essentially transparent in their functions, your site however is not. In addition to who links to you, were you aware that Read More

Link Building & Deep Links using the LPP Ratio

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I am working on a link building theory / formula called the LPP Ratio(the links per page ratio), if I can find enough substance in the results, than I will feel more comfortable touting it as a legitimate term (essentially, it’s just a component to the algorithm used by various search engines to determine website Read More

SEO Services

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What is your take on hiring a company to perform SEO Services for your website? When you think about SEO (search engine optimization) and SEO Consulting, what comes to mind? Companies trying to convince you how for ONLY $15,000 you can afford their services to tweak your site. Perhaps a busy corporate environment full of Read More