Create Content With Purpose!

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Today’s topic is creating content with purpose (adding fresh content on your website) which serves a dual purpose for SEO and user engagement. Both are equally important and necessary in the grand scheme of the evolution of your website. Create Content With Purpose The first short-term purpose is to generate a surge of present-tense traffic. Read More

SEO Copywriting Services Does Not Mean Spam!

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SEO copywriting is a search engine optimization tactic that businesses use to increase relevance for keywords within their website. However, all SEO copywriting services are not created equal. SEO copywriting should not be synonymous with spam, on the contrary, optimized content should build value and authority for a website. SEO Copywriting Does Not Mean SPAM! Read More

Adding New Content Adds SEO Value

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Today I would like to share a straightforward SEO tactic that serves as a crucial layer for developing topical authority for your website. Adding Content Adds SEO Value There is inherent value for sustaining a consistent post frequency of new content for your website in order to develop a robust online presence in addition to Read More

SEO Requires Planning and Patience

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about layering processes over time. Often we receive calls from prospects who (a) want to rank for the most competitive keywords and (b) do not have a website (c) have a website that has virtually no content or (d) just a handful of links. Aside from the fact that Read More

SEO Copywriting: Create Value not Just Rankings

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What are your chances for finding yourself on the first page of Google , Yahoo or MSN with SEO if the content on your website lacks originality? The honest answer, bleak to dismal at best. Unique content that distinguishes you apart from all of the other “me too” sites out there chiming off like parrots Read More