SEO or Conversion Optimization?

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What’s the point of having a website if you don’t have traffic? Sure, SEO can attract visitors but what good is that in the long-run if that traffic does not convert? SEO or Conversion Optimization? Branding and exposure is one thing, but track-able conversion is what impacts the bottom line. In order to make sure Read More

SEO, Visibility and Conversion

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Search engine optimization (SEO) will never replace marketing but rather complements it. Businesses need two things today to overcome the competitive advances or others, visibility and conversion. One without the other is simply unacceptable. SEO, Visibility and Conversion Let’s face it, most people searching for SEO services understand two things, (1) they know that what Read More

SEO Guidelines

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Search engine optimization also known by the acronym SEO is comprised of multiple facets. SEO is not a linear process, but rather a holistic evolution involving intricate layers, steps and cumulative stages which  are equally as delicate as they are demanding to perfect. Help Search Engines and Visitors Get on the Same Page However, there Read More