Anchor Text Optimization: Optimizing Links with SEO

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Anchor text (the text in a link) and anchor text optimization (a facet of SEO), provides webmasters with a unique opportunity to sculpt a preferential or tiered pecking order. Optimizing Internal and External Link Anchor Text Using keyword-rich anchor text cultivates continuity with search engines as well as assists human visitors (the ones that pay Read More

Link Building and SEO Link Diversity

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a means to streamline your website to rank higher in search engines. One aspect of SEO relies heavily on the assessments of links (what anchor text is used, is it coming from a page with authority,  is the link trusted, when what it built, etc.) to sculpt on page relevance Read More

Website Analysis: SEO Starts with a Thorough Analysis

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SEO starts with a thorough analysis of the website to conclude which aspects of your site need optimization. Why let coding errors or poor site architecture impact rankings for the worse? With search engine algorithms changing daily, there are no guarantees that the immunity you have today (from a favorable pat on the back) will Read More