“SEO Tactics” to Improve Search Engine Positioning

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Instead of propagating hoopla with a long introduction or preamble, let’s just get down to some real SEO tactics that you can put into practice to improve your website’s search engine position. If you are familiar with link velocity (the rate in which you acquire or lose links) building links is not about quantity, but Read More

Does Your SEO Have a Game Plan?

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Just like sports, with SEO having a solid game plan is integral for achieving your objective. Unless occupying space below the fold or landing on the third or fourth page of search engines is your goal, then you will need a game plan to unify all of the facets of your internet marketing campaign to Read More

The Phases of SEO Part I

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According to Wikipedia – A phase is one part or portion in recurring or serial activities or occurrences logically connected within a greater process, often resulting in an output or a change. Hence, in this instance we refer to the Phases of SEO. With so many posts online vague touting the practice of SEO, what Read More