Addicted to SEO

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I have heard the connotation that PPC (pay per click marketing) is like crack, that once you start you can’t stop using it, and for many businesses rightly so. In all seriousness, the notion of the action / reward modality “if you pay/ your website ranks here” is so simple with its deep-rooted psychological and Read More

SEO is the Vanquisher

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With credit markets bare and consumer confidence at an all time low, it is imperative to use capital resources surgically to continue through the prevailing downturn -The focus here is to optimize your marketing budget. SEO is the Vanquisher Conversion is Good, But at what Price? All marketing efforts increase exposure, and thus the opportunity Read More

SEO Vs. PPC, Which is Better?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click marketing differ in many ways. The distinction is primarily in the way that they both measure return on investment and track conversion. PPC is precise and with the ability to target specific landing pages that are best suited for the consumer, PPC is able to increase the Read More

Skimming PPC Ads for Creative Calls to Action

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To say I am an advocate of free traffic from SEO vs. pay per click is an understatement. However, I knew PPC (pay per click advertising) was good for something (Free Market Research). Would we actually use pay per click (no thanks we prefer natural listings) but at least you can use your competitors $$$ Read More