Website Authority: Short Term Gain or Long Term Growth?

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Is your online marketing strategy based on long-term growth or is your website merely ranking on vapors? Developing true website authority supersedes short-term quick fixes and processes and since SEO is all about layering and infusing multiple steps to produce a specific outcome. Having a firm objective and not sacrificing quality for short-term gain (such Read More

Does Your 2009 Marketing Budget Include SEO?

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As 4th quarter (Q4) earnings are tabulated, companies who experienced record growth as a result of SEO are eager to initiate their online marketing objectives for the first quarter of 2009. SEO is Official To say that search engines and SEO have arrived in full-force in 2008 as one of the must-have marketing tactics for Read More

SEO: Are Search Engines Raising the Bar?

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Thinking from the perspective of a computer science engineer, what is the fastest way to combat search engine spam and websites with low quality?, simply de-index them by raising the bar. Are Search Engines Raising the Bar? Everything leaves a trail, or rather a digital footprint. Things like the relationship of link clusters (when links Read More

Embracing SEO

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Search engine optimization also known as SEO embraces multiple facets. Each facet is holistically integral to the collective aggregate that comprises a website. Through a plethora of tactics, techniques, timing and trust a website can carve a niche for itself and based on that support system reach millions of prospects. Those prospects are already eager Read More


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Search engine optimization (SEO) or Pay per click (PPC)? and which one is right for me? This is a question that thousands of business owners and marketing managers ask themselves daily when searching for methods to appeal a larger audience to increase conversion. This is not a debate, but rather an attempt to identify the Read More

Seasonal SEO

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There’s no question some businesses rely solely or heavily on seasonality and holidays to generate a majority of their revenues. The holiday season surrounding December proves to pay large dividends for retailers along with businesses related to travel. The first step in capturing a seasonally captive audience is to plan for it which is why Read More

Useful SEO Tips

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If you rank for competitive keywords through using SEO, you have to work “every day” to acquire additional rankings to fortify them or defend their position. If you relax at the top, you may very wake up and find out that someone has taken your spot or that the algorithm has found a suitable replacement Read More

Does Your Business Need an SEO Company?

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years or still use the yellow pages to find a restaurant, store location or library to research information, times have changed with the advent of search engines and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. With over 60 millions Americans using search engines daily and those Read More

The Gravity of SEO

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Just like the laws of momentum or newtons law, when it pertains to SEO, what goes up, must comes down. Its important to remember this when attempting to find the right equilibrium for your keywords amidst an algorithmic shift or the throes of competition. As you may have noticed, the search engine results are dancing Read More

Applied SEO (In Theory and Application)

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Resources are typically sparse when referring to SEO. For that reason, today’s post serves as a summary of strategies for those who like to apply SEO rather than just read about it. This post is for those genuinely interested in search engine optimization, but find it difficult to find real useful information that moves beyond Read More

Google Crawls Deeper to Cross Reference Content

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Has anyone else noticed that Google is crawling deeper into the web to discover relevance and link popularity for the pages that have “the right stuff” to be included in their index. As an SEO, it is not uncommon to have multiple alerts set up and various types of monitoring tools active to assess the Read More