What to Do When Keywords Plateau in the SERPs

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Have you ever wondered why certain keywords rise faster than others? or what to do when Keywords plateau in the search engine result pages? After performing SEO on thousands of websites over the years, you are able to discern distinct patterns that all affect why a keyword ranks and where. For example if a website Read More

What To Expect From SEO

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With all of the variables that can affect a website and impact search engine rankings, organic search engine optimization has inherent benchmarks used to determine how and what type of sites rank higher with SEO. Optimization is about using best practices that coincide with site structure, internal /external linking and aspects of coding that streamline Read More

Is Your Search Engine Optimization Present Tense SEO?

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An interesting take on SEO was presented to me yesterday from one of our sales agents which made me aware that most SEO companies are still using methods and tactics hailing from a dated algorithm. Examples such as a monthly maintenance fee (to ensure your rankings won’t slip vs. targeting more related keywords), retooling old Read More

SEO, Is It All About Links? Not Anymore

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With so many new algorithms being adjusted, modified or replaced altogether, between the cached version of the SERPs (search engine result pages) and the actual index there are obvious discrepancies leaving their mark on the web. The New Search Engine Moderator – Indexing and De-indexing Before you can rank competitively, achieving the proper balance between Read More

Search Engine Mannerisms

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When you constantly crawl thousands of search engine result pages daily (just to understand the behavior of cause / effect and the search engine algorithm) you start to notice the mood swings of search engine mannerisms which are the residual fragments, routines and traces the algorithm leaves behind. In light of all seriousness, following are Read More

Which is Best? SEO, PPC, Branding, Lead Generation or Advertising

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All things have their place and supplementing one in place of the other when is comes to SEO, SEM / PPC, advertising, branding or lead generation is not always the best idea. So when it comes to online marketing and implementation, which is the best for you and why? To answer this, finding out where Read More

The Other Side of SEO (as Seen by Search Engines)

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In case your wondering why your rankings may have dropped in Google, it appears they have rolled out a new infrastructure for assessing relevance. A few weeks ago SEO specialists speculated that anchor text (the text in the link) now has less significance, which according to testing we conducted is valid. However, there is more Read More

Targeting Keywords Within Your Reach

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There is something to be said about targeting terms and keywords that are within your reach. Not that wishful thinking does not have its place, but before you embark on a year long keyword conquest, make sure you understand what it takes to land a top 10 result (and maintain it) for a competitive keyword.

The Phases of SEO Part I

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According to Wikipedia – A phase is one part or portion in recurring or serial activities or occurrences logically connected within a greater process, often resulting in an output or a change. Hence, in this instance we refer to the Phases of SEO. With so many posts online vague touting the practice of SEO, what Read More

Search Rankings Start with Great Keywords

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Search Rankings start with great keywords, in fact targeting the wrong keywords or modifiers only attracts the wrong audience to your content. Optimizing the right keywords and modifiers is your solution to higher online sales conversion. In this post from the past (either follow the link or the image), we discuss the power of proper Read More

SEO Web Design Tips

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Leaving no stone unturned is the nature of SEO, sometimes, you need to go back and look for opportunities to republish useful information for those who may have missed it the first time. This is one of those informative post from the past that we would like to share. Click the image above to read Read More