10 SEO Tips to Shorten the Time to Rank!

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It’s understandable why many feel the same way as the woman in the picture about organic SEO. You’ll need patience to see results and cultivating enough patience to reserve judgement is a true test of character; especially when money is on the line and your internal mental dialogue is more like a child on a Read More

Revisiting Essential SEO Strategies

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Taking a page from the SEO playbook; have you ever wondered which SEO strategy is best, tiered site architecture with multiple nodes, flat site architecture (with everything in the root) or using theming through siloing to develop layers of content to augment a competitive keyword? Click the image below to find out! Strategies from The Read More

SEO Tips for Website Templates Part 2

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This is the follow up post for SEO Tips for Websites Templates part 1. In this post we discuss how to optimize each segment of your web pages to create an optimal, streamlined website template. Template Optimization Tips by SEO Design Solutions Web Page Variations are Typically Constituted By: The header or masthead The body Read More

SEO Tips for Website Templates Part 1

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Indexation is the first step in SEO and SERP (search engine result page) domination starts with building an optimal website template and using optimal website architecture. SEO Tips for Templates Part 1 If your pages are not indexed, deindexed or are not getting indexed due to flaws in your websites site architecture, this this guide Read More

Using Server Side Includes and Alt Attributes for SEO

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Today, I would like to share a powerful SEO technique (using server side includes SSI and alt attributes) to recapture a website from sagging rankings, orphaned pages, theme diffusion and supplemental results. Using Alt Attributes and SEO: This image could be a link for the keyword butterfly. This technique is particularly useful if you have Read More