Major Update to SEO Ultimate, Version 7.6.2 is Now Available

Today we’re releasing a major update for SEO Ultimate (7.6.2) and despite the minor numeric version change vs. a jump to say version 7.7,  our new lead developer Aleksandar rewrote vast swaths of the core code (as many of the older features were written way back in the in PHP 4 days and needed to fast-forward to present).

SEO Ultimate is Now Mightier than Ever

SEO Ultimate is Now Mightier than Ever

We will also be rolling out additional features shortly (additional rich snippet options and media uploader tweaks for sharing your content from the page level) and even more user-interface enhancements to expedite work-flow.

There are a few feature enhancements (twitter card tags in the Opengraph Integrator module), but this update was more all about two things, 1) cleaning up any deprecated code or features to ensure compatibility with WordPress core updates and 2) integration into our new framework (as the primary SEO module).

Spiffy New Digs

Upon logging into the main dashboard you’ll notice a slightly different look in the modules main screen. Have no fear, the same functionality is present to prevent culture shock in lieu of an entirely different interface, but slightly more polished with buttons for the enabled, silenced, hidden or disabled option for the modules, as well as  the module names now have buttons instead of text to jump to the more granular controls for each module.

Slightly new look, same powerful functionality

Slightly new look, same powerful functionality

SEO Ultimate is now part our next generation of WordPress tools called the SEO Design Framework. The SEO Design Framework is a revolutionary framework developed to create beautiful drag and drop design, website silo architecture and implement advanced SEO principals in a simple easy-to-use interface.


What SEO Ultimate Looks Like Logged In to the SEO Design Framework

All of SEO Ultimate’s Global modules now live under one settings tab (the SEO tab) inside the framework so, it’s compact and unobtrusive, yet as powerful as ever. The tabbed theme recurs throughout the framework to compartmentalize things into two prominent states, Global (where the defaults live) and Local Page Level Settings (to override global settings and customize content further). To learn more visit the SDF features page.

New Features

As we mentioned above, additional  Open Graph tweaks are now live in the Open Graph Integrator Module for advanced Twitter Card functionality. On the left before the input field you can read a brief description on how to use that field (ranging from twitter site, side ID, creator, creator ID, image, labels, gallery, raw video or audio stream,  twitter player for video, and Apps for iPhone, Android or Google Play Store).

Tweaks to Twitter Cards Provides Enhanced Markup for Your Content

Tweaks to Twitter Cards Provides Enhanced Markup for Your Content

Also, there are new Twitter Types available under your social media settings (located under you pages or posts) in the meta box such for:

Select Twitter Type and Add Images for Enhanced Markup

Select Twitter Type and Add Images or Other Enhanced Markup

  • Default
  • Summary
  • Product
  • Photo
  • Summary Large Image
  • Gallery
  • Player
  • APP

Thanks in advance for showing the love by checking our new wares. We look forward to your feedback and have some exciting new changes planned with the framework and plan to shake things up a bit after the word gets out. In the meantime, back to the lab…

Enjoy the updates to SEO Ultimate and let us know what new functions and features you would like to see so we can follow up with SEO Ultimate Premium. We love WordPress and look forward to providing new functionality and support for SEO Ultimate shortly.

Also, check our the limited-time introductory offer for the SEO Design Framework, essentially you’ll get the framework, the SEOBizz Child theme, and an additional Quick Start Settings File for Only $69 You can preview the framework and themes here.

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  1. Shawn Smith
    Posted March 20, 2014 at 6:47 pm | Permalink

    Love the design enhancements, thanks for the update!

    Been using your plugin for years and have always been happy with it. Thanks for continuing to develop it.

    Any details about what the premium version will be like?

    I know some people won’t like a paid version, but I’ve always felt it’s worth spending a little money if it means a better product and, more importantly, if it means the developer can actually afford to keep their product updated and competitive long-term.

    Thanks again.

  2. Lalu Irwan
    Posted March 20, 2014 at 9:14 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for great plugin, i love this plugin and great work also on my blog.

  3. Jeffrey_Smith
    Posted March 24, 2014 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    Hi Shawn:

    Thanks allot, it definitely needed a little makeover in the UI. Well, the plugin is pretty stacked right now and adding to it too much may be overkill. We still have some modules in mind, but really, it’s more about priority support and quick turn around for issues (with the premium version vs. the free) as well as some additional work-flow enhancements. We are in the labs again, but have already leaked a new premium feature in the update (which is now available) that I’m going to blog about in the next few hours. However, it’s up to you, what types of feature enhancements would you like to see?

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