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Let’s hope last week’s major 6.4 and 6.5 launches whetted your appetite for more WordPress SEO features, because SEO Ultimate has been upgraded yet again, this time with a new module that adds 2 SEO widgets to your WordPress widgets page.

The first widget ties in with the newly-added Footer Link function of Deeplink Juggernaut. If you’re using a theme with a widgetized footer, SEO Ultimate’s new “Footer Links” widget will let you move your Deeplink Juggernaut footer links from the wp_footer hook section to your widgetized sidebar-footer. This unassuming widget makes it a cinch to smoothly integrate your Deeplink Juggernaut Footer Links into the theme of your choice.

The second widget is called “Siloed Categories,” and lets you supercharge your site with navigation that’s siloed around a taxonomy of your choosing.

On most pages of your site, Siloed Categories functions just like a normal categories widget, except that it only displays your top-level categories. But when you click on one of the categories to go to its archive, Siloed Categories changes into a list of the category’s sub-categories (if any) and the five latest posts filed under that category. When you view a post, Siloed Categories displays the post’s “siblings” that are filed under the same category. Thanks to this linking paradigm, your categories’ link-juice is confined within the current silo instead of leaking out to other category-silos.

(Bonus Tip: To implement category siloing at the URL level on a new WordPress blog, go to your Permalink Settings and set your permalink format to /%category%/%postname%/.)

Although the widget uses categories by default, it provides you with the flexibility of siloing around any taxonomy of your choosing (post tags or custom taxonomies), though for best results, you should silo around a taxonomy in which each post only has one term. (Since posts usually just have one category apiece, category siloing is often ideal.) If you choose to use Siloed Categories, you should also remove any existing “Categories” widgets from your sidebars, since Siloed Categories is intended to replace that functionality.

As always, SEO Ultimate uses a modular system that lets you disable features you don’t want. If for some reason you want to remove these new widgets from your widgets admin screen, just go to Module Manager and disable the “SEO Ultimate Widgets” module.

Download SEO Ultimate 6.6 and give the new widgets a whirl. If you’re already one of the thousands who use SEO Ultimate, you can upgrade for free via your WordPress plugin admin section. If you’re a new user who’d like to take advantage of this powerful free plugin, you can download it from or search for “SEO Ultimate” on your blog’s plugin install screen.


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160 thoughts on “SEO Ultimate 6.6 Adds Siloed Categories Widget
  1. mark says:

    Your latest upgrade erases all my backlinks in backlink juggernaut

    is there a buld upload?

  2. Yes, there is a bulk uploader in settings > SEO Ultimate > export > then get the sample xls file. fill in your urls and keywords (based on the xls file) then use settings > SEO Ultimate > import > then import into the deeplink juggernaut import.


  3. Not sure why there is a collision without having a copy of the other plugin to test against. I will pass this along to our lead developer to investigate. Also, we tweaked a few more things, so, try the latest version ( and let us know if that works with builder.



  4. Hi, we have removed the nofollow’d attribution link from the plugin, so, all you have to do is to update to the latest version in the WordPress repository version and its gone. It only existed on older versions.



  5. Fred Harris says:

    I use your exceptional plug-in on a number of websites. But every time there is an update the deeplink juggernaut is wiped clean and I have to restart to rebuild all the links. Is there anyway I can export the deeplinks I have made so as not to lose them and then import them afterwards? Thanks.

  6. Fred Harris says:

    My sincere apologies. I see through the comments above there is an export setting available. Please disregard my earlier comment. Thank you for such a great plugin.

  7. Hi Guys, First time I’ve had to contact you, but been using this plug-in for years and it’s brilliant!

    Anywho… I’ve an issue with the plug-in since upgrading the WP 3.9 and most recent Ultimate SEO version.

    The Page title, meta description boxes are not showing because of some CSS.


    I hope to hear from you soon.


  8. Chetan says:


    Just noticed that the nofollow manager in miscellaneous settings is not working as expected. I picked to no follow the author and read more links, but it’s not working. Hope you can fix this during the next plugin update.

    Best Wishes

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