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The initial tests are nearly concluded for The WP Ultimate Theme – an SEO Framework for WordPress developed by SEO Design Solutions (the creators of SEO Ultimate All in One WordPress Plugin).

WP Ultimate Theme

WP Ultimate Theme Sneak Peak

The purpose of the WP Ultimate Theme is simple, to provide more on page SEO options than any theme on the market such as:

  • The ability to toggle default navigation on or off (on a page by page basis).
  • The ability to create custom navigation for categories, landing pages or posts.
  • Optional breadcrumbs, as well as the ability to personalize the trail / anchor text.
  • Multiple Theme / Skins to enhance visual appeal and aid conversions.
  • A built in j-query slider with multiple features.
  • A global and page level ad management system (w/import and export capabilities)
    to support banners or widgets for monetization.
  • Font, Size and Typography controls.
  • A logo management module (with optional widget area to support adsense or other ad networks).
  • The ability to toggle between 1 column, 2 column design or 3 column pages ¾ slider ¼ ad layouts for pages or posts.
  • The ability to toggle Permalink off or create override with H1 or H2 anchor text link on page or post level (to aid website silo architecture).
  • Silo import module (to instantly create or import site architecture in seconds) instead of painstakingly building out your site page by page, category by category or by page or post.
  • XML site architecture import features (to drip feed content, permalinks, categories, meta data and more).
  • HTML 5 framework and code that validates via W3C Compliance.

– And these are just the features from the theme, when coupled with the pure on page power of SEO Ultimate All-in-One SEO plugin (the swiss army knife of SEO) this one-two punch combination shatters the glass ceiling of what an SEO theme for WordPress is all about.

Stay tuned for updates as we polish the theme and make final tweaks and adjustments and keep abreast for our limited-time special offer.  It’s safe to say that there has never been a theme like this out of the box that does so much with so little effort.

With the advent of traffic driven conversions at the crux of this theme, WP Ultimate is the affiliates dream theme wielding ease of use and a powerful, yet flexible core based on solid SEO best practices.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to our RSS feed to stay in the loop on this promising new addition to the WordPress community so you can grab a copy when it launches.

After the roll-out is underway, SEO Design Solutions will offer a plethora of aesthetic  themes/skins which slip-on to reveal the true power of this excited new contender for the crown of the Ultimate Premium WordPress SEO Theme.

Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, spread the word… 

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About Jeffrey_Smith

In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

42 thoughts on “Sneak Peak of The WP Ultimate Theme by SEO Design Solutions™
  1. Can’t wait to give it a whirl. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Chris:

    Can’t wait to release it as well… I know you have been waiting patiently; we have to just pull away from the drawing board and launch it already, but want to be sure we have tweaked it as much as we can to get it right the first time…

    Will keep you posted Chris!


  3. Esteve says:

    Yeah, can’t wait to test it, framework + plugin: Wonderful…if woks of course!!!!

    Thanks a million guys.


  4. Azis says:

    Don’t forget to add coments on CSS and make tag clouds customizable.

  5. Matthew Sweet says:

    I have been reading your RSS feed now for a few months. I realised after a while Jeffery that almost every article got a yellow star in Google Reader. I am continually impressed with the depth of analysis and generosity in your posts.

    It’s just what I was looking for, a great in-depth resource on theming, siloing and on-page ranking factors. I think I am a long way off understanding it all, but I keep going back and re-reading your old posts and getting more understanding and knowledge.

    Anyway! I have been looking forward to seeing the theme for ages! I’m looking forward to creating my own child themes working with it.

  6. Excellent Matthew…

    Maybe you can create a skin (theme that bolts on the framework) and we can syndicate it when this goes big… We are putting the final touches on it now, but will keep you posted.

    Al the best

  7. No tag clouds on this one (that creates page and theme bleeding) but will put a word in on the CSS comments.

  8. Much respect Esteve, there is a whole other level that it works with (The DWS suite) will be posting a video from Matt Da Cruz in a minute to see what you can do on the front end (then import via xml into the WP Ultimate theme).

  9. Matthew Sweet says:

    That would be awesome!

    Just a question, will there be a widget for subordinate menus? So basically child pages are shown on the category page and siblings on the article level?

    Also, with the breadcrumb function, if I’m using a structured taxonomy and posts, will I be able to rewrite the category archive with a WordPress page of the same URL stub and then still have the bread-crumb work for child posts in the category? Or do you recommend using regular Parent/Child pages in WordPress for Silos.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’ve been mulling over all this in my head the last few days.

  10. @Matthew:

    Glad you asked this question. We have taken a step beyond that (regarding the menus and the widgets).

    For the menus, the theme ties directly into WordPress’s menu structure, which allows you to create numerous subordinate menus, which you can call and pull from a drop down into any page at will.

    So, (1) for your Category A Landing Page, you can have a custom Category A menu (which only links to the pages/silos relevant to Category A) or you can pull from the main menu, turn off menus, use breadcrumbs, or (2) use the widget management module.

    Also, on the widget side, you can add code to any segment (top left sidebar, top right sidebar, left sidebar, right sidebar, footer, etc.) you can add or exclude any code / widget from any page or to any page.

    Furthermore, there is an ad management module as well which can use static graphics for your own banners, ad media from Google or other networks, widgets or the slider (for smooth transitions) which you can use for internal linking to foster conversions on site or push traffic to other sites for affiliate conversions.

    So, we have tried to create an all encompassing system to facilitate the various types of users. We have a few more tweaks to make, but are very close to the launch.

    May do another sneak peak, but will keep you posted Matthew!

  11. @Matthew:

    One more thing, we are going beyond the simple parent/child wordpress site structure and tweaking the code so we can take it even further and add a child structure to another and / or nest an entirely new type of site architecture beyond pages or posts and use silo landing pages and incorporate nested supporting pages and or post (all being able to add this on the fly through a text silo manager or XML import/feed).

  12. Matthew Sweet says:

    This is even better than I imagined, I like how you have used menus, so this can give us a bit more fine grained control over the menu structure and labels, very cool!

    I also like how there is a bit more granularity on the page level too.

    Looking forward to it! Any ETA?

  13. @Matthew:

    Just running tests now and tweaking the ad import module to be able to pull from WordPress’s gallery so you can upload and manage images and media for affiliate and / or internal links.

  14. farizalfa says:

    hei. . .

    I’m still waiting for ‘wp ultimate theme’ release. . .
    So, please release the theme in view day. . .

  15. Daniel says:

    Im waiting for that too ! Keep up the good work.

  16. Aytug says:

    I’m writing from Istanbul, Turkey. I love to read your articles. We use the SEO Ultimate plugin on our own website recently launched (I had been usin it previously as well). I recommend it to everyone anytime the subject is seo. I’d like to know is there an update as to when the ultimate theme will be released, and will there be support for internationalization for us folks whose websites include letters not in the English alphabet? (you know letters like in German, Croatian, etc) I’ll be among the first buyers of the theme guaranteed. Thanks for the great support.

  17. Earnest says:

    I agree with the rest, I can’t wait…

  18. Hi Eddy:

    We are reworking grid (4-5 days) which will allow one more feature (adjustable column widths for all theme/skins) to raise the bar a bit more. Aside from this, we joke about it, “this theme does everything” and we are also getting the videos ready, setting up payment gateway, etc.

    Who thought it would be this much work?

    Will keep you posted (I plan to do a post soon).

    All the best.

  19. Alex says:

    When will you launch this theme?

  20. @Alex:

    We are adding new skin and a few more features, but very soon. within 3-4 weeks. Scope creep has been a challenge, but Finally, it’s ready and we are on the verge of letting it lose to the general public. For example, we just added as short code module where you can paste any WYSIWYG code in a segment, save it, then call that short code on any page in the html editor…

    But, soon Alex!

  21. @Mondolike:

    Cost for WP Ultimate framework is $87 for single user license and we will have different pricing for multi-site license and developers license.

    We will also have premium skins/themes to select from as well (for added visual appeal)….yet, it comes with 4 themes which you can customize we well…

  22. Dave says:

    That’s wild! Your SEO info is always interesting. And now you’re getting into a different market with some excellent competition from frameworks with large user bases, whose systems have been field-proven for a long time. I’ve tested so many frameworks by now.

    From your description it looks like you’re taking the gigantic all encompassing admin route to allow the non-technical user to make sites. (I could be wrong, of course, but you’re being cagey with details) As someone who knows CSS very well, and can handle hooks well, I don’t care for this type of system. They are usually bloated and slow, and I end up having to write lots of code to get what the client wants anyway. I’ve been fixing sites for non-css and non-programming people who are trying to “framework” their way around their shortcomings.

    If you have succeeded in having mega-admin without losing speed, if you’ve also made it developer-friendly, and if you’ve got a huge number of testers, I think you’ll have a shot.

    Still, the price could do you in. At those rates, unless you are truly a lot better than your excellent competition, I don’t think it will fly.

    Best of luck! I look forward to hearing reviews.

  23. @Dave:

    Thanks for the comments, your points are well taken and, yes, we do anticipate competition for established frameworks, but between our theme and plugin, I can honestly say that nothing comes close as far as the hundreds of possible on page tweaks you can make from two simple components (theme and plugin)…

    No real hooks in this system, you will have the ability to create your own short codes and call them at will, but it breaks down to (1) global settings and (2) local settings with emphasis on toggling elements on or off on each page or globally such as navigation, breadcrumbs, layout, complete control over multiple widget areas, an ad management system, slider, flexible header options (including widgets, the ability to change the order of logo, navigation and slider, ad options in header), typography controls and my favorite, the ability to import site architecture for posts and pages on the fly.

    There is so much more, but I will have to wait to show you and others with the videos and tutorials (and that was just the theme) our plugin SEO Ultimate also has 3 new module updates in the last week as well

    We plan to take this to the next level and transcend the concept of what and how SEO WordPress themes and plugins are defined. Thank you again for your constructive and realistic comments, they are always welcomed.

    All the best Dave.

  24. Eve says:

    Hi Jeffrey. Will this be available today? :)

  25. Dave says:

    That is a ginormous list of features. The “local settings” stuff sounds very useful – this is the type of stuff that I invariably get asked for.

    I would also suggest highlighting your planned support policy. Support is not only necessary, but could be a great selling point.

    Promising stuff… I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on you!

    On the SEO front, I look forward to hearing from you about how Google’s recent changes will affect strategies.

    Happy New Year, Dave

  26. Lee says:

    1st of Feb is too far away!! I want to try it now!!!

    Will keep watching for the release. BTW, I’ve moved all my sites to SEO Ultimate. You do a wonderful job. Thank you.

  27. @Lee:

    Thank you so much, we want to make sure everything is perfect, but it will be coming out of the lab soon enough.


  28. @Clint:

    My apology, we are not through testing / debugging yet and while we would love to release it, it is better to refine and stress test (rather than spend countless hours in a fix-it forum/type) capacity.

    I will keep you abreast of the changes and the actual launch date, once we are closer to finalizing our tests.


  29. Matthew Sweet says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I would love to help test if you are interested, I have alot of experience with WordPress theme development and would love to help contribute. I’m a HTML/CSS front end dev and UX guy, so if those skills are useful then let me know :).


  30. MondoLike says:


    Too bad, I looked forward to the day of launch :°°(

    Confirms $169 for the developer version?

    Discounts are available for the launch?


  31. Chris says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    Hopefully my email came through on the registration. I have a few ideas about the SEO plugin as well as the upcoming WP framework. If we get a chance to connect, I think we should chat about those ideas.

    In the meantime, I would love to test the framework if you need some testing done. Let me know how that goes, and I would be glad to help out any way I can.


  32. terrance says:

    Will the this be mobile ready or will a plugin have to be used?

  33. Hey Terrance – its html 5 and we should be creating mobile skins for the framework as well. Will keep you posted.

  34. It’s still scheduled for release, we have one last round of bugfixes and tons of new features we added (such as 13 layout options) and a few other great modules. Sorry for the delay, but we simply didn’t want to release something we haven’t stress tested thouroughly.

    I will anounce via this blog and provide access to early bird launch next week.

    Thanks Chris.

  35. We are shooting for t minus 10 days and counting. Blog post coming soon with early bird details.


  36. Jonathan says:

    It’s November. Keenly awaiting the theme. When will it be ready?

  37. Stephany says:

    Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a stuff! present here at this website, thanks admin of this web site.

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