Link Building using Web 2.0 SEO | Social Bookmarking

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As the search for the latest and greatest link building strategies make their rounds in search engines. Link building using Web 2.0 SEO and Social Bookmarking Sites can be just what the doctor ordered. Just as multiple marketing channels are available for promoting web sites, assessing your own pages strengths or weaknesses can provide you Read More

Search Engine Optimization Solutions

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In the past, you could simply pay for link popularity with directories. Now, times have changed and many of the main search engines are nixing this type of behavior as a legitimate source of qualified referrals. In essence having search engine optimization solutions is more important than just appearing as a legend in your own Read More

How to Search the Internet

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Elementary as it may seem, with so many options and search engines available, do you really think it is necessary to learn how to search the internet?. Finding information quickly and efficiently is the key to a rewarding online experience. So why deal with the clutter, when you can get right to the results you Read More

SEO Link Building Tips

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The importance of SEO and off page optimization is paramount for achieving long term search engine visibility. Now more than ever, it’s not just about what’s on your pages, factors such as who links to you, where you link to, and how many websites with authority you are affiliated with (i.e endorsed with link juice), Read More

Link Building – Internal Link Architecture & Building External Links

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A well known fact in SEO is your site is only strong as the links that reference it. If you practice solid link building tactics and do things like limit the number of outbound links to 10 links per page to avoid hemorrhaging page rank, linking out to websites that can build your link by Read More

Search Engine Marketing SEO or SMO? Who Cares as Long as it Works

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With all of the fancy jargon-rich industry terms flying around, it doesn’t really matter if you call it SEO “search engine optimization“, SEM “search engine marketing“, SMO “social media optimization” or just good old fashioned marketing. The bottom line still remains the same.

Lazy SEO and Mullets, Google Bot says it’s time to move on!

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Don’t get lazy at the top or should I say get too comfortable… Sounds pretty straight forward right? It may be time to lose the mullet and the lazy SEO that went along with them. The premise behind this post is, too many companies are stuck in the search engine optimization methods that prevailed in Read More

If You Like it, Link it!

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In the race for the top 10 search results and website positioning, off-page link building is one of the key ingredients responsible for putting companies on the map. You have to consider, if you want to rank for a term in search engines, getting your foot in the door is the first step. Each time Read More

Vary Your Backlinks or You Might Get Bumped!

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Survival In the SERPs So what happens when you want a keyword that perfectly summarizes your brand, and one of your competitors wants it more? the simple fact that “someone gets bumped!” It’s just the nature of the top 10. Vying for the pole position is the motivation, but unfortunately there’s only so much room Read More

Encourage Sales Conversion & Reader Response Through a Clear Call to Action

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Instead of fretting over achieving higher rankings in search engines or increasing website traffic, another logic suggests that your energy is better invested by encouraging conversion & reader response with a clear call to action. The first step is in the realization that, it’s not about how many hits your website receives or how many Read More